Fishery Files

The go to guide for some of the UK’s most popular day-ticket venues is here!

Along with a downloadable map, you will find lake facts, bailiffs advice, contact information, rules and capture galleries from our Sticky Baits team. It doesn’t end there as our consultants share their top tips on tackling waters they have conquered, so you have the upper hand when tackling todays pressured day-tickets.

Keep a look out as we continue to add more venues to the collection.

Stables Carp Fishery

Stables Carp Fishery is approximately 3 acres, oblong in shape and around 7 feet deep on average with 7 swims

Cromwell Lake

Cromwell lake is an 18-acre spring fed, mature tree lined lake that is set in a peaceful surrounding adjacent to

Junction 12

Junction 12 is a 15-acre reed lined, rich lake that is situated literally one mile from junction 12 of the

Ladywood Lake

Ladywood lakes has two gravel pits set in the beautiful West Yorkshire country side, the main 10 acre specimen lake

The Wharf Fishery

Set in the heart of Cardiff, The Wharf is the ultimate urban venue. Holding an incredible stock of stunning scaly

Farlows – Lake One

Get to know the Buckinghamshire day ticket Farlows Lake One a little better, along with some expert advice from Jack

Majestic Pool

Get to know the East Yorkshire day ticket Majestic Pool a little better with some expert advice from Phil Sainty.

Sandhurst Lake

Get to the know Yateley's Sandhurst Lake, including expert advice from Gaz Fareham.