The main carp water on the Bluebell complex, home to the late Benson at 64lb. Kingfisher Lake remains one of the best day-ticket waters in the country. This 7 acre lake offers varying depths but generally range from 13ft and 16ft. The many overhanging trees can provide little sanctuaries for some great marginal angling.


FISHERY: Bluebell Lakes

SIZE: 7 acres

STOCK: Over 100 Carp, forty over 30lb, and ten over 40lb

LAKE RECORD: Common – The late Benson at 64lb

OTHER SPECIES: Perch to 4lb, pike to 41lb, bream

PRICE: 24hr – £32.50-£42.50
36hr – £47.50-£70
48hr – £65-£85
Week Ticket – £220-£280

Guests – £2.50 per day/£5.00 per 24 hours (one guest per angler).


CONTACT: 01832 226042


Firstly, and definitely the most important factor is location! Locating the carp on Kingfisher is paramount and the most effective way to do this is to be up at first light watching for any signs of carp. Most people on kingfisher wake up very late in the morning and being one step ahead of the rest will definitely aid you in putting fish on the bank.

Spots Within Spots
Once you have located the carp it is now time to find some clay! Most swims in the Kingfisher Lake will have some areas of clay in front of them, particularly the Point swims, which control the central area of the lake. Finding the firmer areas amongst the clay will always pay off well, as the fish love the rock-hard spots.

A Boilie Approach
The fish in kingfisher absolutely love boilies, it is without a doubt a boilie dominated water. My go to bait tends to be The Krill soaked in Pure Tuna liquid and I’ve found that 16mm baits or bigger score best due to the huge head of big bream in the lake.

Angling Pressure
Kingfisher is a very popular lake and when the angling pressure is high it always plays well to tuck yourself into a quiet corner and let the angling pressure push the fish towards you. So, with that in mind never neglect the corners.

This is without a doubt my favourite way of fishing for the Kingfisher carp! For most it’s not a popular method and this tends to be because of the pesky seagulls, but if you can feed them off you could be in for some prolific action.


  1. No bookings, pay on day.
  2. No Drones without express permission
  3. Proof of I.D. may be required
  4. Barbless hooks only – No braided mainline – No keep sacks
  5. No Maggots to be used by any Carp Angler on any Lake
  6. We reserve the right to refuse entry or evict anglers or guest without prior notice
  7. All anglers/partners/members must report to reception before going on to the complex
  8. Drive to and park on your peg – after that strictly walking. No vehicles to be moved after dusk
  9. Park away from waters edge on the level ground
  10. One partner to each paying angler. If you are expecting your partner later – Inform reception and tell your partner to park in the car park
  11. All dogs must be kept with you on a lead and under control at all times. Please do not bring if in season
  12. No live baiting
  13. No nuts, Chickpeas or Trout pellet
  14. No heavy drinking
  15. No generators
  16. Fishing only from pegs provided. All rods must be kept in your own peg
  17. Experienced carp anglers only, confident enough to handle fish of up to 65lb
  18. The minimum age for Kingfisher and Swan Lake is 16 years (fishing or as a guest). There is no exception to this rule
  19. All anglers must have a large well-padded unhooking mat, a heavy-duty weight sling, minimum 42inch landing net and a minimum of 12lb line (not braid)