Stables Carp Fishery

Stables Carp fishery has been open for 8 years now and has come a long way since it was acquired with an immense amount of work turning the site into one of the nicest venues in the area with it tucked away in the countryside it is a picturesque and peaceful place to fish!

It is approximately 3 acres, oblong in shape and around 7 feet deep on average with 7 swims but a max of six anglers at any time.

Stables is a membership day ticket venue which means once a member, the anglers book on for their sessions which run from 1pm until noon the following day. There are no session limits but you can’t reserve swims so it’s a case of choosing a swim on arrival from what’s available.

Stock wise it’s estimated to be around 100 with a very good head of 20lb-plus fish up to nearly 30lb which they are hoping may break the barrier late 2019!


FISHERY: Stables Carp Fishery
SIZE: 3 acres
STOCK: 100+ Carp
PRICES: Membership is £40 for your first year (£30 after) Day tickets thereafter are Sun-Thurs – £15 per 23 hrs (whole lake £75) Fri/Sat/Bank Hols – £20 per 23 hrs (whole lake £100)
CONTACT: : 07563340037




Fish with slack lines



Visual baits such as Peach and Pepper Dumbbell Wafters (sprayed up) do well.



A Cloudy Krill mix in the shallow areas draws the carp in.



Boilie and pellet combo works well.



Fishing tighter to the snags produces the most bites.



Ellipse pellets and boilie chops work well against the snags as they don’t roll down the shelf.



Don’t go mad with bait, a little and often approach is better.


  1. 3 rods max
  2. Fishing is by prior booking only on a first come first served basis
  3. Specific swims cannot be reserved.
  4. There are 7 swims, however a maximum of 6 anglers are allowed at any time. (A Bailiff however, may fish the vacant swim)
  5. Fishing is for a 23 hour period, ‘STRICTLY’ from 1pm until 12 noon. (multiple days can be booked)
  6. All anglers must carry their membership card at all times as well as being in possession of a current Environment Agency licence.
  7. Consideration must be shown to other users of the access road and paths approaching the fishery.
  8. Cars must be parked in the designated areas only.
  9. Anglers must stay within the fishery boundaries and not trespass on adjacent land.
  10. Please keep the gate closed and locked at all times.
  11. Unauthorised cutting and pruning of banks, trees and vegetation is prohibited.
  12. ALL LITTER ‘MUST’ be taken home.
  13. No dogs, loud radio, fires, swimming, wading, drugs or heavy drinking.
  14. No visitors or guests on site at any time (Unless through prior arrangement).
  15. There is a toilet on site, please use it.
  16. No firearms of any kind are allowed (inc pellet, air, BB or ball) at any time on the fishery.

We accept no responsibility for any damage or loss to equipment or vehicles which may occur whilst at Stables Carp Fishery.


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