Bayeswater Day ticket lake is home to a very good head of amazing looking fish. There are perhaps 300 of them residing in a three-acre home. Don’t let the high stock to lake size ratio fool you though – these fish can take some catching at times! The carp are in immaculate condition and are topped by a forty-pound mirror and a common that has weighed upper thirties. There is perhaps another half dozen thirties and many, many twenties. 


FISHERY: Bayeswater Fisheries

SIZE: 3 acres

STOCK: Approximately 300 carp, with 11 different 30’s, there is a lot caught around the 27 plus mark. On average 3 out of 4 are 20 plus.


LAKE RECORD: 41lb Mirror, 38lb Common

OTHER SPECIES: Tench – 9lb, roach – 2lb, rudd – 2lb, perch, pike

PRICE: 6 hours – £7.50
12 hours – £15
24 hours – £25
36-48 hours – £40
After 48 hrs £15 per day or part of.


CONTACT: 07746 050657


Stick to the Central Section
With the lake being so small, location is usually straight forward and coupled with a flat, hard and clean central section, you don’t have to worry about weed or finding spots too much. Having said that, the margins can be very weedy but this doesn’t normally extend out for more than perhaps ten yards and after that the bottom is generally hard clay. The fish don’t tend to frequent the margins too often although the shallow back bay can be a good place to observe them. 

A Tricky Back Bay
The back bay can be tricky to fish due to the weed and here I would recommend a naked chod or solid bag approach. Here the weed is very dense and fibrous and so your line needs to be thick and strong to deal with it.

A Good Cold Weather Tactic
Bayeswater is a very good cold weather venue and, during the winter months, an approach using maggots and finely crumbed Manilla can be very effective. I tend to fish the mix in small mesh PVA bags and will Spomb a little bit if I start to get bites. I add Cloudy Manilla to the crumb to dampen it down and fish either a trimmed wafter over the top or a dainty maggot rig.

Summer Baiting
In the summer months, you can be a bit more ‘gung ho’ with the bait and putting out a whole bucket of chopped Krill and hemp can result in a busy night’s work! The usual rules apply – fish tight and accurately and personally I would have at least two rods on the same heavily baited zone, angling for multiple bites.


  1. No fish to be removed from the Bayeswater Fisheries or transferred into the fishery.
  2. All anglers must use suitable landing net’s, weigh slings, unhooking mats, forceps, disgorgers and antiseptic type fish care equipment for safe fish treatment on the bank for all species.
  3. Your fishing zone is halfway between you and the next angler, left and right and half way across if applicable.
  4. All litter to be removed from the premises, every last bit, including cigarette stubs, tea bags, sweet wrappers or any small items please.
  5. No child under the age of 16 years is allowed to fish without adult supervision.
  6. No fires or barbecues.
  7. No dogs, as we share the lake with a shooting syndicate.
  8. No vegetation to be cut back, especially reeds and trees.
  9. All anglers must be in possession of a valid national rod-fishing license.
  10. All vehicles to be parked only in the fishing car park or on the track furthest side away from the lakes.  NO DRIVING ROUND TO SWIMS.
  11. All vehicle activity to be kept to a minimum after 10 pm and before 5 am.
  12. Random spot checks will be carried out 24 hours a day by the bailiffs. Any person found not abiding by the rules, would be asked to leave and banned by the fishery.
  13. Lost keys or ID cards will be replaced at a cost of £5.
  14. Bait boats are allowed but must be kept inside your own fishing area.
  15. No leaders of any kind on all Bayeswater lakes.
  16. Be aware of the overhead pylon cables.
  17. No fishing in between pegs 8 and 9 under the cables or in the sanctuary area clearly marked at the shallows.
  18. No one is allowed on the stock pond without permission from Steve, Gary or the farmer except to transfer small fish out of the fished lakes.