The Krill

Perfect nutrition created 130 million years ago…the not so humble krill is the namesake of this extremely successful fishmeal-based bait range. The Krill has yet again been tailored to suit a carp’s dietary requirements through a blend of the freshest, high-quality fishmeals, milk proteins and birdfoods available on the planet! A bait that perhaps has the best track record in recent history…

The Krill

All our products are made with only the freshest and most innovative ingredients that are perfectly tailored to the dietary requirements of the carp but also so enticing that the fish cannot resist.


This all-year-round range utilises a “Sticky exclusive” peanut protein combined with a complex blend of refined milk proteins and birdfoods. The mix is then rounded off with a divine Madagascan vanilla extract leaving a bait range that not only smells sensational, but is also perfectly designed to fulfil all nutritional requirements of our quarry.


The original, and still the best bloodworm bait range…bar none! It is a true testament to this awesome bait that so many other companies have tried to copy it over the years. So what makes our version so unique? We incorporate high levels of real bloodworm into our products that emit the attractive properties of undoubtedly one of the carp’s greatest natural food sources – simple, but it works!


This all-season bait range uses a true-classic flavour combination in the shape of fenugreek & pure maple extract. We believe that this 100%-natural attractor package combined with a nutritionally perfect basemix is what makes the Vor-Tex+ so unique as both an instant and long-term bait range.

Liquid Foods

Countless hours has been spent at Sticky HQ sourcing what is, in our opinion, the very best quality liquid food selection available on the market today! Once considered a “luxury” item, liquid foods in general have proven themselves time and time again as must use products that provide a genuine edge over anglers not harnessing their awesome, 100% natural, attraction!

Pure Naturals

The Pure Natural Range is made up of products that, admittedly, aren’t going to appeal to everyone; however they are a perfect addition to anyone’s bait bag who loves a good tinker and wants to stand out from the crowd! These 100%-pure natural additives allow you to completely customise your own hookbaits and mixes, giving you those little extra percentages that will undoubtedly score you extra fish throughout the season.


What range would be complete without the addition of some alternative hookbaits? We all like to “match the hatch” so to speak, but we wouldn’t leave the house without a solid selection of fluoros as well. As with all our ranges, we like to keep advancing and pushing the boundaries of bait making so all our hookbaits get additional attractors & aminos vacuumed directly into them after the cooking process – does it really make a difference? Grab a pot and let the results speak for themselves, we know you won’t be disappointed…


Here at Sticky, we pride ourselves with high-quality bait, and this intricate detail to product design translates over to our merchandise section too. Collaborating with our manufacturers, we have created a range of products that fully meet the demands of the users whilst keeping a stylish on-trend look.

Have a search through our range of headwear, t-shirts, hoodies and see if there is a look that suits you.