South Ings Lane was Embryo’s first fishery to open in late 2014. Originally formed of 3 lakes, deep and clear the lakes proved to be a fantastic water for the freshly stocked carp to thrive in. Later on the first two lakes were knocked through to create a larger lake and start the transformation of these virgin pits.

The stocking of fish occurred over the first year with fish from; VS Fisheries, Heather Fisheries and our Lea Valley supplier with fish ranging between 8-29lb. These fish flourished in the gin clear water with the fish growing well, some fish that went in at 14lb have now gone to 30lb+. With growth rates like this the future is destined to be bright!


FISHERY: Embryo Angling Habitats

STOCK: 100 Carp



PRICE: £240 between 1st June – 31st May


HEAD BALIFF: Embryo: 01268 285987
Colin Jagger – Head Bailiff: 07901826541


My first piece of advice to anybody coming to Embryo would be to have a good lead around to get accustomed to the lakes vast depths. Feeling for a drop is vital as it will let you know what your fishing over whether it be silt, clay, weed or gravel. Early on in the year when the water temperature is still low I recommend fishing zigs in the deeper water, then when the water warms up I personally like to fish over large beds of bait as these are growing fish and want to feed.


Slack Lines
Like most popular venues, South Ings sees its fair share of angling pressure, so any efforts made to make your presence unknown will always work in your favour. With little in the way of snags I have always been an advocate of slack lines on both of the lakes at South Ings Lane.

Bright Baits
With the pit being as deep as it is, I found that a bright hookbait helps to draw fish down to the lake bed especially when fishing with single hookbaits.

Due to the lakebed’s topography and super steep drop offs, feeding whole boilies can sometimes work against you, with such steep shelves you could find yourself baiting the base of the shelf some 10ft away from your hookbait. Not only does chopping your boilies prevent them from rolling but it also gives the carp something different to feed on that they don’t necessarily see on a day to day basis.

Boosting Your Boilies
Due to the lake’s vast depths, attraction plays a vital part in not only your hookbaits but your freebies too. My preferred method of boosting my boilies entails glugging them first with Cloudy Liquid then dusting them in the matching Active Mix.

Ellipse Pellets
Taking into consideration the lakes steep shelves again as well as the carps love of pellets, I cannot recommend incorporating the Ellipse Pellets into your mix highly enough.


  1. Good quality landing nets, unhooking mats and weigh slings are essential. To minimise risk of fish disease coming on site ALL these items must be bone dry before arrival. If you fish another water which has been diagnosed with SVC or KHV or the fish in it have been immunised against these diseases the fish care items you use there are not permitted on site
  2. Follow the fish care weighing and photography guidelines at all times.
  3. Fish may be retained for photography for a maximum of 10 minutes whilst camera and weighing kit are assembled
  4. No sacking of fish under any circumstances at this stage
  5. From the 1st April to 31st October feed only boilies, pellets and floaters, no particles of any kind or maggots may be used
  6. From the 1st November to 31st March all baits are allowed except high oil pellets, which are hard to digest in cold water. Particles must be properly soaked and boiled and all baits must be used in moderation as feeding is reduced in cold water
  7. No long shank nailors or 360 rigs to be used
  8. A maximum of 1 meter of leadcore is permitted