Cromwell lake is an 18-acre spring fed, mature tree lined lake that is set in a peaceful surrounding adjacent to the village of Cromwell near Newark in Nottinghamshire. There are 19 swims giving plenty of room for each angler with some of them doubles and a disabled peg in front of the car park with car and wheelchair access. The lake depths vary massively between 3ft and 18ft at its deepest with obvious gravel bars, silty drop off’s and patches of weed making the perfect environment for the fish to grow and interesting for the angler to tackle. With a restocking in 2004 and the intention to create a specimen fishery followed by a further one in 2011, it now holds several 40’s up to a record of 47lb+ and a huge amount of 30’s and 20’s to back up with.

Facilities include a handy lodge with toilets and a few extra essentials to make them longer sessions much easier on the angler! As well as a well-spaced car park with CCTV and electric gates making it a secure site. There is also an online booking form so you can check availability and book online. All nets, mats and slings are provided to protect the fish’s health. The aim of the owners is to provide one of the best specimen day ticket carp lakes in the midlands, providing a well-run, secure and peaceful lake to be enjoyed by anglers from all over.


FISHERY: Cromwell Lake

SIZE: 18 acres

STOCK: 250+ Carp

LAKE RECORD: 47lb plus

PRICE: Full week: £770
Midweek: £440
Weekend: £330
24 hours: £30
48 hours: £60
72 hours: £90
96 hours: £120
5 x 24 hours: £150
6 x 24 hours: £180


ADDRESS: Cromwell lake, Cromwell, Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG23 6JE

CONTACT: [email protected]


We stress that you take the time out to walk round the lake on the morning of arrival. Use your eyes to read the water and pick up on signs, pay attention to weather conditions, look out for showing fish, fly hatches and so on. Choosing the right swim is a vital.

With the lake being a mature gravel pit, the lakebed varies massively. You’ll find weed, silt and gravel present and choosing the right presentation is very important. We recommend you come prepared with a few of your favourite methods to cover all options, although a good all-rounder and one that has been used to great effect is the solid bag.

Hi viz hookbaits have been a winner for many years, a personal favourite of ours is the Pineapple and N-butyrics. Whether you choose to use them as singles, put them in bags or use them over bait, they seem hard to resist.

Stay Active
Sometimes if it’s just not happening then you’ve got to make it happen. We have a good stock of carp and there’s always an opportunity to be had. Work your swim leaving no stone unturned. Whether it be casting to showing fish, a change of hook bait, a little and often baiting approach. Put in the effort!

Upper Layers
Zigs and floater can be a great tactic and can’t be ignored. For the little space the kit takes up, it’s definitely worth having both in your armoury. They might just get you that extra bite.


  1. No children under 16 allowed on Cromwell lake, Supervised Under 16’s are allowed on Cromwell pool
  2. Anglers must ensure that leads will release on the bite or in the case of a crack off. No fixed lead rigs!
  3. Minimum 15lb (0.35mm) mainline to be used.
  4. Barbless hooks only. Size 4 maximum.
  5. No braided mainline or shock leaders (Braided hook lengths allowed).
  6. Random rig checks please do not be offended if you are asked!
  7. Rods must not be left unattended at ANYTIME.
  8. Maximum 3 rod limit
  9. Boilie, pellet, corn, hemp only!
  10. Maggots can be used from 1st November through till 14th of March. To be used sensibly or not at all!
  11. Safe zone style leaders, lead free leaders and rig tubing fine. Maximum 1 metre in length
  12. Fish care in paramount. You MUST be in possession of a carp care kit! Propolis is preferred.
  13. Fish to be retained in sling/landing net no longer than 15 minutes prior to weighing and photographing.
  14. Keep all damaged or sick fish and report immediately to manager or bailiff.
  15. Shelf life boilies not to be used as loose feed
  16. No live baiting or spinning
  17. Bait boats are allowed but must be used sensible and within your zone
  18. All fish over 35lb and any size catfish must be reported to the bailiff what ever the time!
  19. Please drive slowly on our lane and through the gates out of respect and safety for other users – 5mph limit.
  20. Swims are to be left tidy and free of litter. Either leave it in the bins provided or take it home. Cigarette buts to be put in pots.
  21. No dogs
  22. No children
  23. No littering or swimming
  24. No drugs and alcohol in moderation
  25. No looking around without permission
  26. All bbq’s must be off the ground and no fires whatsoever
  27. Only one non fishing guest per angler
  28. Cigarette ends to be placed in pots provided
  29. Pike fishing and dead baiting Oct – Mar only
  30. No refunds given
  31. No tents allowed
  32. No ungentlemanly conduct
  33. No bivvy sharing except for couples and special circumstances
  34. The owners accept no responsibility for any loss, damage, injury or theft whilst on the premises
  35. The lake will be shut in the event of spawning. This will be monitored by the bailiffs. Length of closure may vary depending on spawning and fish safety.