Q Lake’s unique design allows anglers to fish from the central island.  This design ensures that swim conflict is non-existent, as anglers are fishing away from each other rather than towards, as found on other lakes.

The lake was built is 2008 and was stocked with handpicked carp, taken from the original Old Coarse Lake, these stunning carp were bred at Pool Bridge Farm in 1990, the exact strain of the 8 original brood stock is unknown. An additional stocking of 50 C5 VS carp was added in 2012. These carp have also managed to go on to breed some exceptional looking Q lake carp, some of which are now over 20lb. These home grown carp make it impossible to know the exact stocking of the lake. As of spring 2020 there are at least 5 30’s and over 100 20lb+ carp, with quite a few of these pushing the 30lb mark.

Showering facilities are provided for those fishing the Q Lake. There are also Pizza, Chinese & Indian takeaway services that deliver to the complex.

All pegs must be pre-booked using the online booking system.


FISHERY: Pool Bridge Farm

SIZE: Around 8 Acres

STOCK: 100+


PRICE: Summer Rates (1st March – 31st October):

Friday, Saturday & Bank Holidays:
£25 per night

Sunday to Thursday:
£20 per night

Only 72 hrs+ on Bank Holiday weekends.

Winter Rates (1st November – end February): TBC

WEBSITE: www.poolbridge.co.uk/q-lake

CONTACT: 07928 359 420


Far Margin Hotspots

Fishing from a central island means the far margins of Q Lake are fish magnets, cast as close as you can, especially during hot weather as the fish love to patrol the gap between the bank and weedbeds.

Boilies and Pellets

Q Lake is a boilie and pellet only water throughout the summer months, a mix of Krill Active and Bloodworm/Krill Pellets is the perfect tactic.


The weed growth is normally very heavy throughout the warmer months, you should have a lead around to find a clear area for the best results.

Hookbait Choices

A variety of hookbait choices will serve you well and the smaller the better it seems, as several of the older commons have very small mouths!


Whether you choose to fish the far margin or one of the open water features, accuracy is key. Always ensure you get the exact wraps for your spot and note them down so you don’t forget!


  1. The Q Lake is a members-only lake and may only be fished by those with consent.
  2. All pegs must be pre-booked on the booking website.
  3. Upon arrival, please ensure that your peg and surrounding area are free from litter. If not, please photograph your findings and send to [email protected] immediately so this can be dealt with. Please note that all litter is to be taken away from the fishery please.
  4. Regular rig checks will be carried out; please do not be offended when a bailiff asks you to reel in to see your rigs.
  5. Only Boilie and Pellet to be used from 1st March to 31st October.
  6. Anglers must be in possession of and use appropriate equipment at all times including; minimum 42″ landing net, un-hooking mats and/or cradles, carp-treatment kit.
  7. Fishing is strictly offered on a ‘catch & release’ policy, all fish to be returned safely to the water immediately after weighing and photos.
  8. Fishing from midday until midday. Please note that your peg must be vacated by midday. Do not access your peg before midday on the day of your arrival regardless of peg availability.
  9. Fishing from designated pegs only – No stalking allowed.  Please fish within the markers of your swim at all times.
  10. Micro-barb hooks only to be used.
  11. Braided main line or lead-core must not be used.
  12. No dangerous rigs– all leads must be capable of detachment in the event of a break.
  13. A maximum of 3 rods per angler with anglers holding the required E.A. license.
  14. Bait-boats may be used but drones are not permitted.
  15. No excessive alcohol intake.
  16. Do not damage any of the trees or fauna.
  17. No vehicles to be taken on to the island whatsoever.
  18. No drop in visitors without prior permission from a bailiff.
  19. In the interests of health & hygiene and as a courtesy to other members, please use the toilets provided.
  20. Dogs are allowed on the lakeside if they are well behaved, kept on a lead and under control at all times.  Please note the ‘poop n scoop’ policy.
  21. Visitors to site do so entirely at their own risk and agree that no undue responsibility is given to the Fishery Management for any loss or damage of property or injury to persons.
  22. No abusive, disrespectful or derogatory posts on social media or messages to our staff, bailiffs or other Q Lake members will be tolerated.
  23. By purchasing a ticket you agree to abide by all the Fishery rules with the understanding that if found to be contravening the rules you will be asked to leave the Fishery immediately without recompense.