The Wharf Fishery is an old dock situated in the centre of Cardiff. It is 30 acres in size and goes to 23ft deep. The lake has been run as a club for around two years now and is home to some of the most sought-after fish in wales and boasts a few 30lb plus originals and a lake record of 47lbs plus. The lake held around 80 original fish and was then stocked with a further 100 fish, of which are all doing well, darkening up and piling on the weight.


FISHERY: The Wharf Fishery

STOCK: 180 Carp

SIZE: 30 acres


PRICE: Full Season Ticket £225



HEAD BALIFF: Daniel Caylor


The Wharf will be unlike anything you have fished before and probably the most snaggy. There are all sorts of debris littered on the dock’s bottom, so a strong line is essential. The fish move quickly and an ‘off the barrow’ approach for the start of your session is advisable. The fish are used to seeing a lot of bait but feeding the gulls will go against you. Like anywhere you should feel for a drop and have an idea what you are fishing over, and above all be respectful as this is urban fishing and you represent the fishery.


Like every other lake, location is key. On the wharf the fish move around a lot and being on the fish is important to catch numbers of fish. Setting up before dark will go in your favour and will give you the best in sight of where the fish are.

Fish for One Bite at a Time
Fish for a bite at a time, the fish are fed through a baiting programme so there is always bait in the lake, top the spot up after every bite to keep the fish there.

With the fish being fed on pellets, adding pellet in the mix is also a good tactic due to them associating it as safe food.

Match the Hatch
Sometimes a match the hatch wafter or a bottom bait can pick up the warier fish especially around autumn after they’ve been hammered on bright baits all year.


  1. Anyone under the age of 18 needs to be accompanied by an adult
  2. NO fishing the fountains area or the canal feeders
  3. A single angler may fish with a maximum of three rods provided that he/she is in possession of the appropriate E.A. licences
  4. No rowing boats of any description are allowed on the water
  5. Strictly no wading, the dock bottom is very unpredictable
  6. Please leave a minimum of 1.5m gap on the pathway so that pedestrians can pass
  7. All anglers must carry and use a good quality unhooking mat. Most cradle, beanie & combi style mats are perfect
  8. Carp Care Kits – every angler must have one
  9. The mass use of nut baits is not permitted, any use of nuts including hookbaits is only permitted under the approval of management
  10. Reserving swims, especially communicating by mobile phone with anglers not already at the lake
  11. Random checks will be made with regard to permits, memberships, licences, rigs and bait. Please do not take offence if you are asked for a rig check by a bailiff
  12. All permit holders are expected to attend at least one work party out of the planned yearly work schedule
  13. Minimum line diameter 0.35 mm , exception to this rule will be 12lb allowed for floater fishing
  14. All leaders are banned which includes all leadcore, safety zone and fluro leaders (ie no knot above the hooklink), tubing is optional
  15. All leads must be on a lead drop off system, lead clips are fine. The only exception to this rule is running leads, which must have no bolt rig setup stops above the lead