Durleigh Reservoir is well stocked 80-acre venue with over 1500 carp, most of which are mid-doubles and commons. There is also a good stamp of twenty-pounders and currently four known 30-pounders, with the biggest of the bunch being a 33lb 8oz mirror.


FISHERY: Durleigh Reservoir

SIZE: 80 acres (dependant on water level)

STOCK: 1500 Carp

LAKE RECORD: 33lb 8oz

PRICE: Day ticket 1 rod – £8
Day ticket 2-3 Rods – £10
Day concession 1 Rod – £6, 2-3 Rods – £8
Block of six tickets – £50
Concession block of six tickets – £40

Concessions are available for anglers in receipt of state pension, disability allowance or under 16. Anglers must provide proof of age or disability, such as a doctor’s certificate or registered disabled card on request.

WEBSITE: https://www.wessexwater.co.uk/community/durleigh-reservoir

CONTACT: Paul Martin – Ranger 01278 424786


Big Baits
So to avoid the Durleigh’s many bream, I favour fishing with a large snowman presentation comprising of a 16mm bottom bait and a 16mm pop-up. Coupled with a size 4 hook I find that this presentation keeps the bream at bay.

Solid Bags
Although I much prefer to fish over bait, it isn’t always the best approach. When the fish aren’t responding to bait, I opt to change all three rods over to solid PVA bags and fish them long. This tactic has brought me many a carp when fishing over bait hasn’t.

Fish Safe
As is always the case when fishing at range you must be geared up for the job. As you will be using a low diameter mainline, a shock leader is a must. Not only will the shock leader prevent crack offs on the cast, it will also aid you in abrasive resistance should a carp take you round one of the reservoirs many buoys.

Bright Ones
A bright hookbait like the Peach & Pepper Pop-Ups will draw attention to your hookbait and will often result in a nice speedy pickup from any feeding carp in the area.

Washed Out Baits
With most anglers baiting up with fresh bait straight out of the bag, I prefer to wash my boilies out so to reduce the danger associated with boilies. I simply add my bait to a bucket a few days before an upcoming session, cover them in water, add some salt and finally introduce half a bottle of Cloudy Krill Liquid. The end result is a bucket of inconspicuous boilies that are packed full of flavour.


  1. Days only, gate times displayed on website
  2. Anglers must wait for the Ranger before accessing the site
  3. Tickets must be purchased before fishing
  4. Barbless or micro-barbed hooks only
  5. All cars must be left in the car park
  6. No pre-baiting
  7. Baitboats can only be used between October and May and must not go beyond halfway across the lake
  8. All nets and slings to be dipped on arrival
  9. Anglers must check behind them before backcasting.