This feature-packed 18-acre gravel pit is a carp angler’s dream and once held the Yorkshire record carp, a prized specimen of 42½lb. Walking around today the lake boasts mature tree fringed bays, bars, plateaus, reeds, weed and an abundance of snags, the only blot of the landscape is its namesake – the M62 motorway. The nature of the lake means each swim commands its own little section and there is very little conflict of water. Depths reach down to around 22ft in places but most areas offer 7-14ft. The current stock is made up of predominantly VS fish and these scaley mirrors nudge 20lb. There are however a few of the older fish still in Motorway and these target fish prove elusive with so many hungry mouths about; the three main fish are Smiler (35lb), Brown Fish (33lb+), Single Scale (31lb+).


FISHERY: Hull & District Anglers’ Association

SIZE: 18 acres

STOCK: Over 120 carp ( a majority over 20lb), 3 fish over 30lb (Single Scale 32lb+, Smiler 35lb+, The Brown Fish 31lb+)

LAKE RECORD: 42lb 8oz

OTHER SPECIES: Bream, Pike, Roach, Rudd, Tench, Perch, Eels, Catfish

PRICE: £10 joining fee, £40 per year for a day permit (5am-10pm). £200 per year for a night ticket (Waiting list for night permits)


CONTACT: Derek Pye – 07811 897033, Andy Hall – 07463 806653 or Alan Tunley – 07855 839909


Quick Bites
If you are targeting your first Motorway carp I would highly recommend a bright hookbait such as a Signature or Pineapple & N-Butric pop-up cast tight to one of the numerous reedbeds.

Baiting Campaign
It’s not always possible to get in the same swim, so to avoid any disappointment it is best to pre-bait an area (not a spot) of the lake that can be fished from multiple swims. When pre-baiting frequency is more important than quantity, if you can introduce bait to your area every 24-48 hours for a couple of weeks then you are guaranteed success.

Surface Fishing
This largely overlooked method can produce quick results. Strong tackle is essential, and I use 15lb+ main line and hooklink with a minimum size 6 hook. Supermarket cat biscuits work well, but nothing beats using a mixture of different sized Krill Floaters!

Nuisance Species
The lake holds a large head of bream, tench and silver fish, large baits (18mm+) will help avoid the attention of these smaller species, I would also recommend rolling your own super-sized hookbaits (24mm+) using one of the Krill or Manilla Hookbait Kits.


  1. Fishing from designated swims only, three rod limit.
  2. No dogs or guns of any description to be brought on to Association fisheries.
  3. No fires, swimming or boating. Behave responsibly and respect other anglers. Do not damage any trees or bushes, and do not interfere with the wildlife.
  4. Children under 14 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.
  5. Any person found to be negotiating for waters held by the Association shall forfeit the right of membership for life.
  6. Members fishing for carp or pike must be in possession of a landing net with arms not less than 36 inches (90cm) in length and a well-padded unhooking mat measuring not less than 36” x 24” (90cm x 60cm). Carp or Pike should only be weighed using a commercially available sling designed for the purpose and of appropriate size and strength. The use of keep sacks (carp sacks) and/or retaining slings is not allowed on any Association fishery.
  7. The minimum breaking strength of line when carp fishing is 12lb (5.4kg).
  8. Bait boats to be used sensibly, misuse may result in loss of membership.