Manor Farm Lake is one of Linear’s original carp waters. Full of big fish, many make the journey to try and tempt any of the large residents. The lake has over 700 carp, with forty over 30lb, and five over 40lb. Manor Farm Lake boasts some excellent fishing for all anglers for all situations covering weed, gravel, shallows, and ranging depths that help the fish move around quite a lot. Map details sourced in association with Carp Feed.


FISHERY: Linear Fisheries

LAKE SIZE: 14 acres

STOCK: Over 700 carp, forty 30lb+, and five over 40lb


LAKE RECORD: Mirror Carp – 48lb 13oz
Common Carp – 36lb 8oz

OTHER SPECIES: Catfish, Pike, Bream, Tench

PRICE: Day Ticket – 1 Rod £8 – 2 Rods £17 – 3 Rods £20
24 Hour Ticket – 1 Rod £12.50 – 2 Rods £25 – 3 Rods £31


CONTACT: Ian Roper – Head Bailiff 07885 327708 (Mon-Fri 8am – 6pm)


Don’t Be Bait Shy
Manor fish are predominantly “bait” fish from what I have found over the years, the better presented areas of bait, and the ones that stand out the most will almost certainly produce the most and fastest. When I am fishing Manor I will usually start with 20 spods of my usual corn and boilie mix, and top up every 2/3 hours with 5/7 depending on the situation I am faced with, again Krill in the warmer months and Manilla through the cooler months.

Yellow Hookbaits
Hookbaits wise I have found the fish seem to favour a yellow or pink hookbait, I will always fish pop-ups on the venue, normally 16mm, purely because the lake holds a lot of tench and I don’t want my spot disturbed with ravenous tench getting hooked at prime bite time.

Swim Choice
Manor is very up and down in terms of depths and what side of the lake you are fishing. The road bank area of Manor is the deeper side, with depths ranging from 10 to 13 feet. Where as the river bank side, the maximum depths you will find are 7/8 feet, these depths can play a massive part in where I will decide to fish. This is how I will approach the swim I am in, if it is warm and bright I will favour the river bank side as the fish will be basking in the shallower water, however, if it is cooler with a south/south westerly blowing, I will aim for the road bank or the car park swims where the water is deeper.

Zig Rigs
Zig rigs also work very well on Manor, going back to my previous tip, if I can only get on the road bank when the weather is sunny I will be inclined to put 3 zigs out ranging from 5 to 8 feet. I believe this to be the perfect depth, as the fish will be spending time over on the shallower water I will be looking to intercept them when they drift across the deeper water. Also, if you are fishing the shallower water, a zig mid depth has also worked very well for me in the past. Again, there is a good stock in the lake and not all the fish are on the bottom all of the time.


  1. Cars must be parked in designated car parks
  2. No driving or parking on the grass around any of the lakes
  3. Barbed or Barbless hooks may be uses
  4. Fish are not to be retained for long more than 30 minutes, sacks are not permitted
  5. No boats, drones, bait boats, radios, guns, fires, picnics, swimming, drugs or heavy drinking
  6. No dogs unless on a lead and under control
  7. All particles must be well soaked, well cooked and used in moderation and spodding maggots is no longer allowed, however they can be used in PVA bags or feeders but anglers should not be using more than 4 pints per day
  8. All Spombs are to be used in conjunction with a ‘Spomb Float’
  9. Fixed leads are not allowed, rigs will be checked by our bailiffs
  10. Unhooking mats to be used for all fish
  11. Wading is not allowed, except in the event of netting and or releasing a fish in shallow water
  12. If doubling up in a swim you can only use two rods each unless you’re in one of the handful of large swims dotted around the complex