The Sandhurst Lake is the youngest lake on the Yateley Complex and is situated to the east of the complex. It is becoming the most well known on the complex due to the fantastic day ticket fishing it provides. Sandhurst Lake is relatively shallow water with depths from 2 to 10ft, with an average of approximately 5ft. There is one island from which fishing is permitted, and numerous sand bars and features that can be easily located from a choice of more than 31 swims. Map details sourced in association with Carp Feed.


FISHERY: Yateley Complex

SIZE: Some 400 carp are present in the fishery, the majority resulting from a 1998 stocking of fish averaging some 3lb in weight. These young fish now average over the 20lb mark and there are stacks of 25lb-plus fish and quite literally dozens of 30s coming through every season.

STOCK: 43lb+ with several more over 40lb. The average weight of fish is around 26lb.



OTHER SPECIES: Bream to 16lb+; Tench to 11lb+; Roach to 3lb+; Pike

PRICE: 2 rods – 12 hours – £20; 2 rods – 24 hours – £25; 3 rods – 12 hours – £25; 3 rods – 24 hours – £30


CONTACT: Sandhurst Lake can be booked for exclusive events by calling the fishery manager on: 07766416223.


Fish For One Bite At A Time
Of course there is a time and a place for a big bed of food, and there is certainly no question that it does work on Sandhurst at times, but I always did far better just fishing singles, or tiny PVA bags. Staying mobile wherever possible and casting at shows proved successful for me.

Size Is Everything
The Sandhurst carp are regularly fed small food items, so with this in mind I prefer to fish with a well presented, low-lying 12mm pop-up.

Extra Attraction
Along with my small hookbaits I like to offer a little extra attraction in the form of a small PVA bag/stick. This would contain a blend of Manilla boilie crumb, small pellets and a generous amount of Sticky Baits Pure GLM Powder.

When allowed, maggots should never be ignored at any venue, and Sandhurst is no exception. I like to fish them on a balanced Amnesia D rig set-up with a small 50p sized PVA bag of boilie crumb over the top. On their day they are unbeatable and something well worth having in your armoury during the winter months as a top tactic.


  1. Rods must not be left unattended at any time while fishing. Anglers Found off their rods will be asked to leave the fishery without a refund.
  2. A maximum of three rods are allowed per angler, all three rods must be in the same swim.
  3. Barbed/Micro Barbed Hooks only. No Long-Curved Shank hooks, Fox series 5, Long Shank Nailer etc.
  4. No unaccompanied juniors (under 18)
  5. Only designated named or numbered Swims may be fished. No swim-building or clearing is permitted.
  6. Fish are not to be retained in anyway except while photography equipment is being set up, retaining fish in sacks is Not permitted. Fish may only be retained in a landing net or floating retainer sling for a short period of time.
  7. No Boats of any description
  8. Bait restrictions – no peanuts or preserved baits to be used including shelflife boilies, hookbaits excluded. All particle baits such as seeds, tigernuts, peas and beans must be well soaked, well cooked and used in moderation.
  9. You must have a carp care kit. Checks will be done to make sure anglers have the appropriate treatment to treat hook wounds etc. Please make sure you have some or you will be asked to leave the fishery.
  10. Fixed leads are not allowed – rigs will be checked by our bailiffs. Leadcore is permitted but not exceeding 1metre in length.
  11. Wading is not permitted except for landing fish.
  12. Anglers must only fish their own water. Anglers fishing across swims or more than half-way must reel back without question if another angler turns up to fish that swim.
  13. No Braided Mainline, except on spod and marker rods.
  14. Maggots are only to be used between the 1st January to 1st March.
  15. Please note there is now a total ban on zig rigs.