This picturesque three-acre former clay pit has it all. An average depth of around 8ft and a lakebed made up predominantly of silt with two bars, patches of gravel, weed beds, two spits and loads of likely looking margin areas with reed beds and overhanging trees.

Car Park – A popular and productive swim. Fishing across to the trees on the far margin produces well. Some patchy weed.
Fletch’s – A swim with lots of options. The spit to the right, the tree-lined margin and the spit to the left all produce fish, and there’s plenty of weed dotted around.
Sainty’s – A consistent open water area with some interesting spots to find and the bar to the right is a known hot spot.
Back Bay –This swims gives access to the margins of the no-fishing bank, a known holding area and patrol route for the fish.
Reedy – Access to the no-fishing bank and some small but productive open water gravel patches amongst the silt.
In-between – A consistent open water swim which often produces multiple hits as the fish move through.
Plateau – Another swim with plenty of options. The fish often pass through this area on their way in and out of Car Park Bay.
Willow – No fishing when Car Park is occupied. Fish are often observed amongst the marginal snags and a stealthy approach is needed.


FISHERY: Majestic Pool

SIZE: 3 acres

STOCK: 110 Carp with 75% of the stock over 20lb

NUMBER OF SWIMS: 8, with a maximum of 6 anglers allowed at any one time

LAKE RECORD: 34lb 14oz

OTHER SPECIES: Roach, Rudd, Perch and the odd Pike

PRICE: £25 per 24-hours
The full lake can be booked exclusively for £150 per 24 hours, with a maximum of eight anglers allowed.


CONTACT: Danny Fletcher – 07904 079647 or Phil Sainty – 07787 171918


If the lake is fishing hard, either due to angling pressure or the weather condition, it is worth trying a single high visibility hook bait as this can score well.

A South-Westerley wind has always been a good wind to fish on at Majestic Pool so, always check the weather before your trip so you can be in the best position for the time you’re there.

Using various sized baits can be very effective on here; this could be either a mix of different sized pellets, mixed sized boilies or even a combination of both.

If the lake is quiet and there is very little angling pressure, the carp do start to show themselves regularly. Casting a single hook bait or a PVA bag to them can produce multiple bites. Please be mindful of any other anglers fishing and that it is safe to fish where you’ve seen the shows.


New Wind
Majestic pool is only a small lake at around 3 acres and the fish are pressured. I would always follow a new wind as the fish will not be far away.

Lead About
Have a lead around at the start of your session to find the clearer areas, the harder the spot the better.

Use Small Baits
There are no silver fish in Majestic Pool, so the use of small baits can be an edge. Introducing them on a little and often bases works very well.

Use Liquids
Being a little different can score well. If your using pellet and boilies, try boosting them with liquids such as Pure Krill Liquid as this works very well.

Don’t Ignore the Margins
Never overlook the marginal features, the carp do visit the edge often and with a stealthy approach results can be had.


  1. Strictly no looking round Majestic Pool without permission
  2. No litter – all litter MUST be taken home
  3. Barbed hooks only. No barbless hooks to be used
  4. No lead-core or other kinds of leaders at all
  5. No zigs or fake baits
  6. Tubing is recommended
  7. Unhooking mats, landing nets and slings are provided
  8. Only fish from marked swims
  9. Minimum 12lb main line
  10. No peas, beans or nuts to be used
  11. No maggots to be used
  12. Three rods can be used at any one time
  13. No non-fishing guests, except with prior permission
  14. Bait boats allowed, providing they’re used sensibly
  15. Have respect for the Majestic Pool & your fellow anglers