Set in the beautiful tranquil surroundings of The Cotswolds, Horseshoe Lake is a magnificent 62 acre lake with an impressive reputation amongst carp anglers, holding some of the countries most sought after carp. There are still some of the original Leney fish in here, but also it has been said there are many unknown fish still to be caught.


FISHERY: The Carp Society

SIZE: 62 acres

STOCK: 800-1,000 carp. Average weight is around 21lb with a decent head of 30’s.

NUMBER OF SWIMS: 75 inc 21 doubles

LAKE RECORD: Current record: 38lb – Previous record: 47lb 8oz

OTHER SPECIES: Bream, Tench, Roach, Rudd, Pike, Perch

PRICE: Must have valid Carp Society membership £25 per year
£400 for 6 months unlimited fishing
£500 for 12 months unlimited fishing


CONTACT: 01367 253959


Like any lake being in the right area is key. On Horseshoe this is exceptionally important as the fish are usually found in large groups. Turning up to the lake at first light will give you the best chance of locating them.

Stay Mobile
By staying mobile you can turn a good session into a great session. Keep an eye on the water and if the fish have moved, move with them.

Choosing the right rig at Horseshoe is imperative as the lakebed can be very unpredictable. Also, there is a lot of birdlife present, so a rig that can reset itself in the event of being picked up will always work in your favour.

Spod Mix
Horseshoe carp love a good spod mix, fishing over a tightly baited area can often be devastating. Don’t be afraid to top the swim up regularly as the lakes smaller species can often clean out any smaller food items such as pellets, corn and hemp.

Make Changes
Even if it’s just a recast with a fresh hookbait, a change of colour or a few more spombs over your spot is sometimes all that’s needed to spark a little interest.


  1. Only Carp Society members and authorised visitors may enter the property and must produce their permit and/or membership card
  2. No boats of any description are allowed on the water other than the authorised use of a boat by the bailiffs in the course of their duties
  3. No wading permitted except for landing and returning fish over shallow water
  4. Anglers fishing for carp or pike must use a minimum of 15lb breaking strain monofilament line
  5. The use of all lead core, braided mainlines and shock/carp leaders (i.e. where there is any knot above the hook link) on any baited rods is not permitted
  6. Unhooking mats must be a minimum of 1.2m x 0.8m x 40mm. All anglers must be in possession of a DRY landing net of adequate size (at least 90cm arms or Specialist Pan 88 x 65 cm), sacking of fish is strictly prohibited
  7. Barbless hooks must be used at all times; crushed barbed hooks and the use of long shank ‘nailer’ hooks are not permitted
  8. The use of nuts as hook baits or in loose feed are not permitted