Farlows Lake One

Farlows Lake One is a stunning gravel pit set in the heart of the Colne valley. The lake itself is broken up by islands, bars, spits, bays and open water which gives every angler their own piece of water and features to fish to. If you like big or small lakes, snags or open water fishing there is something for everyone at Farlows. The fishery itself is steeped in history and has been home to some very large old carp since the 80’s, attracting anglers from all over the country.

The stock at Farlows Lake One is impressive, an estimated 35 fish over 30lb with several going over 40lb along with a huge stock of back up 20’s. Along with the original stock there are a selected number of fish added every year to ensure the fisheries future.


FISHERY: Farlows Complex
SIZE: 25 Acres
STOCK: The stock at Farlows is impressive, with around 1200 carp present amongst these are an estimated 35 fish over 30lb with several going over 40lb along with a huge stock of back up 20’s. Along with the original stock there are a selected number of fish added every year to ensure the fishery’s future.
LAKE RECORD: ‘The Big Common’ 45lb
OTHER SPECIES: Pike 35lb+, Bream 15lb+, Tench 13lb+, Roach 3lb 6oz, Perch 4lb 12oz and Eel 5lb+
PRICE: £15 per day – £25 per 24-hours
WEBSITE: www.farlowslake.co.uk
CONTACT: 01753630302

EMAIL: [email protected]


The Krill Floaters


The carp in Lake One at Farlows absolutely love floaters and you can quite often get the fish feeding very quickly, so don’t forget to pack the floater fishing gear and a bag of The Krill Floaters.

Fishing bait - maggots

Winter Maggots

As with all lakes during the winter months, the fishing does slow down Farlows, and bites are harder to come by. The usual boilie approach does work but maggots can be devastating. A handful of maggots dried in krill powder, and several crushed Manilla boilies is all you need to get quick bites but be careful not to apply too many maggots as the fish can soon become pre-occupied.

Sticky Baits Boilies

A Boilie Approach

Farlows is a boilie water, they love eating a good quality boilie. My personal favourite is The Krill, it has a track record for catching loads of big carp all over the country, including at Farlows.

Fishing - Peg Number

Swim Choice

The lakes popular swims are fished constantly all year round; these are swims with great features or large areas of water, they do produce a high number of fish but it’s often the average fish that are caught from these areas. The better fish or ‘The A-Team’ are very old and very big, they have seen every rig, every bait and know where there is constant pressure. So, don’t ignore the small corners and the little snaggy swims only big enough to accommodate one rod, if one of the special ones slip up it will most likely be from one of these areas.

Carp Angler


Due to the shape and size of Farlows Lake One, the fish can hold up in areas they feel most comfortable, whether that be because of the depth, weed, angler pressure or abundance of natural food. When you arrive it is key to walk the lake and try to find the fish, if you can find the fish you are already half way to catching them and should no doubt put a few extra fish on the bank.


  1. Rod Licenses and carp care kit must be shown before tickets are purchased.
  2. ALL nets, weigh slings and matts must be dipped in the tanks located by the shop.
  3. Minimum 15lb line on lake 1 & 2. Zig and floater line 12lb minimum.
  4. Minimum 42-inch landing net and large padded unhooking mat regardless of target species.
  5. Barbed or Micro barbed hooks ONLY.
  6. NO lead core, unleaded or fused (Safe zone, diffusion) leaders allowed. Fluorocarbon or Monofilament shock leaders are permitted.
  7. NO bait boats or boats allowed.
  8. NO wading allowed.
  9. NO litter whatsoever to be left behind.
  10. NO guests allowed without first consulting tackle shop.


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