The big lake is 10 acres and has a good average depth with many features to be found; it has a good head of carp with well over 500 present weighing a good mid to high double average. There are around forty 20s and five 30s including the jewel of the lake Kamara, a massive common with a top weight of 41lb. All of the fish are from top fish farmer Andy Parker in Dorset, there are beautiful fully scaled mirrors, linears and some massive commons.


FISHERY: Ladywood Lake

SIZE: 10 acres

STOCK: 500 Carp

LAKE RECORD: 43lb plus

PRICE: Day ticket available Monday – Thursday only: £12 (7am-7pm)

24hr ticket carp lake: £24

48hr ticket carp lake: £46 (£22 per 24 thereafter)

5 days £110.00

7 days £135.00


CONTACT: 07792731170


Solid Bags
Bags of pellets and crushed boilies tend to score very well on this venue, especially if you are looking for a quick bite. Make sure you dip them in Hemp Oil to extend the melt time in the deep water!

Ellipse Pellets
The fish in Ladywood have been raised on pellets, they love nothing more than eating their way through a pile of high oil pellets. Ellipse Pellets fit the bill perfectly, plus, their flat shape ensures they don’t roll away from your spot.

Bright & Fruity
It seems that the fish in Ladywood have a sweet tooth when it comes to hookbaits, fruity baits, such as Signature pop-ups and wafters vastly outscore more savoury and fishy flavours.

Cast to Showing Fish
Ladywood carp love to show themselves, it is well worth casting a single hookbait or bag towards the fish. This can often produce instant results.

Over the years Ladywood has become a very nut bait dominated water, and so Manilla is one of the best boilies to use. Stick to the smaller sizes in the range and try using them chopped up to ensure they don’t roll down any of the steep shelves.


  1. When you start fishing the Bailiff will collect money on the bank.
  2. Fishing is from designated swims only-( you may set up next to the swim if doubling up)
  3. Minimum 42” landing net- ALL nets must be disinfected in the tanks provided.rinse in the lake after 20 mins, please.
  4. Cradles or High sided mats only plus a retaining sling.
  5. No maggots March 1st – 1st Nov, no lead core or any leaders of any type-tubing only, nuts, boats, guns, swimming, fires or unattended rods.
  6. No braided main line, minimum 12lb mono.
  7. Barbed hooks only.
  8. All Carp to be returned to the water via sling or zip mat.
  9. Bait boat may be used sensibly.
  10. 3 rods may be used, consider other anglers, please.
  11. Environment Agency rod licence is required.
  12. No Carp sacks.
  13. NO Children under 12 permitted to fish. Ages 12 to 15 must be accompanied by an Adult.
  14. No climbing over the lake fence.
  15. Park in car parks.
  16. No litter to be left.
  17. NO BBQ’s are permitted.
  18. Strictly NO TENTS- bivvys and fishing ovals only.
  19. All fake baits are banned including, zig foam, zig bugs and aligners.