Bait customisation used to be a huge part of everyone’s angling and our Hookbait Kits are designed to bring this forgotten art back to life and help you make your own customised hookbaits!

Containing the same basemix and liquid package you will find in our range of bottom baits, with the added bonus of a natural toughening agent, this mix can be used to make anything from bottom baits to cork-ball pop-ups.

If you want to customise your baits even further than just the size and shape of them, you can add anything from our Pure Naturals range to our Hookbait Kits. Each pot of Pure Naturals includes guidelines for their usage, so even if you are new to rolling your own hookbaits you should have no problems.

Each Krill Hookbait Kit is supplied in a 400g tub with matching liquids.


“I love using the Hookbait Kits to make my own home-made cork ball hookbaits during the winter, so they are ready for the spring.”

  • Fishmeal

  • Robust

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The Krill Spod & Bag Mix

The Krill Spod and Bag Mix includes our incredible Krill Pellets and Krill Powder, along with several other marine derived proteins.

The Krill Active Shelf Life

The Krill Active Shelf Life has a super soluble and attractive paste wrap and is the biggest step forward in off-the-shelf bait for decades!

The Krill Active Pop-Ups

The Krill Active Pop-Ups are the ultimate Active Pop-Up, featuring a fluffy, light outer-coating, which has a neutral buoyancy.