The ultimate convenience created with the angler and carp’s needs at the forefront of its formulation, our Spod and Bag Mixes combine ease of use and optimal nutrition in one seamless package. We have blended our nutritional pellet range with a selection of refined powdered additives to create a mix that suits both PVA bags and spod mixes alike. With active ingredients included, our Spod and Bag Mixes send food signals throughout the water column and due to the varying sizes of particles, will keep fish grubbing around in your swim for hours.

The Krill Spod and Bag Mix includes our incredible Krill Pellets and Krill Powder, along with several other marine derived proteins. It matches The Krill range perfectly and can be fished with any of the products under the Krill banner with absolute confidence.

Their use is only limited by your imagination, the Spod and Bag Mix can be used in any spod mix as well as any sized PVA bag from little sticks to large solid bags. Being made from dry ingredients you can also soak it in any liquid of your choice to give your mix a personal touch.


“These mixes are so versatile, they make great solid bags thanks to the perfect blend of small items, yet there’s enough substance there for them to be used in a spod mix as well.”

  • Active

  • High in
    Amino Acids

  • PVA

  • Highly

  • Fishmeal

Best time to use:

Available in:


The Krill Active Pop-Ups

The Krill Active Pop-Ups are the ultimate Active Pop-Up, featuring a fluffy, light outer-coating, which has a neutral buoyancy.

The Krill Glug

Krill Glug is made using a blend of liquid food products. The thick liquid clings to any bait and gives them a real boost of attraction.

The Krill Active Wafters

Designed to replicate The Krill Active Boilies, these Krill Active Wafters are made using the same base mix, with a highly soluble, Active paste wrap.

The Krill Dumbell Wafters

The Krill Dumbell Wafters are ideal for use alongside pellets or fished over a mix of chopped baits and small food items.

The Krill Pink Ones

Produced in a stunning bespoke pink colour, The Krill Pink Ones are ideal for grabbing the carp’s attention without being too blatant!

The Krill Bait Spray

The Bait Spray range has been designed as an alternative attractor to supplement the liquids already in each range and to seriously boost attraction!