As the name suggests, Krill Active Mix is a highly attractive groundbait which becomes incredibly active once submersed in water. Although it is primarily designed for use with our Krill range, it can be used on its own as a stand-alone bag or stick mix, or even fished in or around a feeder.

Along with the base mix used within our Krill boilies, we have added boosted levels of super soluble ingredients such as Krill Powder, LT94 Fishmeal, Crustacean Extracts and Krill Protein Powder as well as a few Krill Pellets.

The unique blend of powders means the Active Mix constantly releases particles upwards from your baited area. This helps catch the carp’s attention and entices them to investigate. We suggest dampening the Active Mix with Cloudy Krill Liquid to bind it together and add even more potent attraction.


“I use this for loads of different purposes; boosting my Krill boilies in the summer, adding to oiled up floaters as well as adding to solid bags and stick mixes. It’s so versatile and uber attractive..”

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Liquid Foods Pure Salmon Oil

Supplied from the freshest Scottish salmon, our Pure Salmon Oil is a proven fish attractor as well as an excellent energy source.

The Krill Cloudy Liquid

Cloudy Krill Liquid is a natural liquid which, once submersed in water, creates a cloud of attraction close to the lakebed.

Liquid Foods Pure Tuna Hydro

The highly digestible and soluble proteins found within Pure Tuna Hydro are the perfect food source for carp and is perfect for year-round use.

The Krill Spod & Bag Mix

The Krill Spod and Bag Mix includes our incredible Krill Pellets and Krill Powder, along with several other marine derived proteins.

The Krill Active Shelf Life

The Krill Active Shelf Life has a super soluble and attractive paste wrap and is the biggest step forward in off-the-shelf bait for decades!

The Krill Active Pop-Ups

The Krill Active Pop-Ups are the ultimate Active Pop-Up, featuring a fluffy, light outer-coating, which has a neutral buoyancy.