22nd April 2021

A change in working schedule provided Jordan Pashley with a session to remember, with a 43-fish hit across two lakes on the Linear complex.

The Linear Fisheries complex is without doubt the most famous day-ticket fishery in the country! Anglers flock from far and wide to the hallowed grounds in deepest Oxfordshire to pit their wits against the varied lakes on site. The fish are incredibly pressured, but with the right tactics and location, huge hits of fish can be achieved, as Jordan Pashley found out on his most recent visit.

Made famous by the revered Underwater DVDs, the Bloodworm Pellets are still just as effective today as they were all those years ago.

Jordan revealed:

“Due to some unforeseen changes with my work schedule, I found myself with a week off and with night fishing being allowed again I thought I’d make the most of it and get some time in.

“I planned a six-night trip down to Linear fisheries and upon arriving on Monday morning I was greeted with a blizzard. As anticipated the complex was absolutely packed, and after a few chats with people, I put a bucket in the Beach swim on B2 for the Wednesday. I then managed to somehow get the Beach swim on St Johns, a swim I’d never previously fished but always wanted to have a go in.

“On the first evening I managed to snare a nice 27-pounder on a Zig, but the following night and the next day was uneventful. For the second night I hedged my bets on three different tactics, one on a solid, one on bait and one on a Zig. The solid bag was definitely the way forward, as I managed three more carp on it up to 33lb

“Wednesday arrived, and I made my move over to B2. I already knew my spot in the swim having fished it in the past, so the rods went out with a bucket of bait comprising of hemp, corn, Bloodworm pellets and both Krill and Manilla Active over the top.

The first bite didn’t take long, and then I had one more that evening, but it wasn’t until the next afternoon that it really kicked off, the bites came thick and fast including an awesome triple take. By the following morning I was up to 20 carp, this coincided with my Dad arriving to double up with me for the weekend, as we don’t fish together as much as we used to, it was a nice change.

“I had a few more bites throughout that day and night but it seemed the fish had moved across the lake to the other side. They were going crazy opposite and all we could do was sit and watch.

“The next afternoon the fish were sort of in no man’s land, between us and the people opposite, but more milling around or cruising on the surface. I decided to lash a Zig long in amongst them, over 140 yards away, and to no surprise it soon went. This turned out to be the biggest one of the trip at just under 34lb

“After this point the action fired up on the bottom again with both of us getting multiple bites. We fished pretty hard up till around 2am, when we stopped baiting to try and get a little sleep.

“I was back up at 5:30am, recasting and rebaiting for the morning ahead and it didn’t take long to get the first bite. The action continued right until we packed up, in total I landed 39 fish on B2, including five over 30lb. It was quite a productive trip all in all!”