Supplied from the freshest Scottish salmon, our Pure Salmon Oil is a proven fish attractor as well as an excellent energy source.

This 100% natural product is loaded with Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids, both of which carp need to survive. One of the best applications for Pure Salmon Oil is to pour some over your floaters in the summertime. Not only does this add to the attraction of your freebies, but it also produces a nice slick on the surface aiding your rig presentation.

Pure Salmon Oil can also be added to spod mixes, boilies and pellets; it is also particularly useful when it comes to hookbaits. A liberal dose over some cork-ball pop-ups will ensure they form a tougher skin and are preserved long past their shelf life.

Key Features

Made from fresh, Scottish Salmon Oil
Rich in essential fatty acids
The perfect summer energy source
Soaks into boilies, pellets, floaters and groundbaits


“Pure and natural, with benefits for the carp as well as being a high-grade attractor, this is one I use with utmost confidence throughout the warmer months. As a carp angler, that smell is evocative of hazy, summer mornings and carp rolling all over your baited spot!”

  • PVA

  • High
    in Oil

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