This Pure Squid Hydrolysate utilises whole fresh squid in its make up. Having one of densest concentrations of protein of any marine organism, with a low-fat content ensure this is one of the most nutritious and soluble liquids available. With a completely natural flavour profile, this liquid triggers an incredible feeding response for all fish species.

Uses for this liquid are only limited by your imagination, but its thickness lends itself to being a great spod mix additive, as well as the perfect liquid to use as a hookbait dip or add to your PVA bags. With a naturally high salt content, boilies soaked in Pure Squid Hydro will be preserved for extended periods, ideal for long sessions in hot weather.

Key Features

Low fat and high in soluble protein
Completely raw and undiluted
Ideal for year-round use
Perfect for use as a bait soak or in PVA bags


“This thick liquid is perfect for adding extra attraction to boilies, I mix it with boiling water, so it penetrates the baits whilst also making them super soft.”

  • PVA

  • Highly

  • High in
    Amino Acids

Best time to use:

Available in:


Bloodworm Pellets

Made famous by the revered Underwater DVDs, the Bloodworm Pellets are still just as effective today as they were all those years ago.

Fluoro Signature Squid Pop-Ups

Signature Squid Pop-Ups use our exclusively sourced squid hydrolysate and a multitude of powdered ingredients, making them incredibly attractive hookbaits.

The Krill Freezer

The Krill Boilies are tailored to perfectly suit the carp’s dietary requirements leaving them actively hunting out the bait as an ideal food source.

Liquid Foods Pure Sardine Hydro

Pure Sardine Hydrolysate is packed full of natural proteins, Omega-3 fats and salt, making it perfect for use throughout the year.

Liquid Foods Cap Oil

Cap Oil is a deep red liquid that will give any mix a kick, and as an added bonus, your spot will produce a prominent oil slick when the fish are feeding.

Liquid Foods Pure Hemp Oil

Derived from one of the best carp baits around, Pure Hemp Oil is recognised as the principle attractor of hempseed itself.