20th May 2022

Jamie Stamper notches up a 39-fish haul from the prolific French big-fish venue, Gigantica Road Lake.

There’s nothing quite like a trip to a prolific venue to blow off the cobwebs, especially if you regularly fish tricky venues. Add France into the mix and not only can you find prolific venues but you can considerably increase the average size of fish too. Gigantica Road Lake is one such venue that offers a great stamp of fish and with plenty of them to feed it’s no wonder they love The Krill, as Jamie Stamper discovered on his recent visit.

Pure Calanus Liquid Hydrolysate is one of the most exciting steps forward in marine-derived protein sources in many years.

Jamie revealed:

“I have just returned home after a hectic week on Gicantica’s Road Lake, which saw me land 39-fish topped by six forties. I had high hopes of landing a fifty during my trip and I thought playing the numbers game would help me achieve my goal. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be as the smaller fish were relentless on the baited area.

“I went through 40kg of The Krill, but if I am being honest, I could have easily gone through double that! The fish just weren’t getting full and kept coming all week and in the end I had to use 5kg of maize per day, mixed with chopped Krill and Calanus Liquid just to keep the fish in the swim. Having not been to France for over five years, with my UK fishing taking a priority, I was made up to get amongst so many fish in my weeklong trip.

“My rods were fished to the same area, with Slip D rigs on each. Most of the fish fell to math the hatch hookbaits, either 14mm Krill pop-ups or 16mm wafters. Something that’s worth noting, if anyone fancies a trip is that bright hookbaits got outscored by duller food baits. The fish were so tuned into the bait that they simply ignored anything that wasn’t a Krill boilie!

“I ended up with a nice mix of both commons and mirrors throughout the week, it was just a shame a fifty never came my way. Oh well, there’s always next time! For now, there’s a north west mid-forty I have my eyes on, so fingers crossed I can add that to my album sooner rather than later!”