23rd May 2022

Rickie Lamb slips his net under one of Fryerning’s most wanted, known as The Gambler, on a range of our bait.

Essex is still widely regarded as the carp capital of the UK with venues and carp to suit any anglers’ desires. You would be hard pressed to find a complex with such a great array of lakes and carp than Fryerning Fishery. Rickie Lamb found himself latching into one of the more sought-after residents recently too, in the form of The Gambler.

Orange is a very underused yet deadly colour, and when it is combined with the classic mixture of Peach Melba and pure black pepper essential oil, you have one of the deadliest hookbaits around.

Rickie said:

“I spent a good couple of hours walking around trying to find the fish before I set the gear up. During my walk, I spotted four fish, which all showed spread out along the bar running down the middle of the lake. With location sorted, I quickly got the gear round to a swim that commands a lot of the middle zone of the lake, with access to the bar the fish were clearly next to.

“I flicked out two solid bags, loaded with small Bloodworm pellets and crumbed Krill Active boilies, topped off with a Peach and Pepper wafter in each. I hoped to get a quick bite and this is just what happened, as 45 minutes after getting the rods out the right hander pulled up ever so slowly and I was in.

“I knew it was a good one from the scrap and eventually I bundled a lovely leathery mirror into the net. Having not fished the complex for three months, I was delighted to get one so early in the session. The fish turned out to be one of the known ones, The Gambler at 37lb 12oz! I was over the moon, and the fact I landed no more during the rest of the session didn’t matter.”