7th October 2019

Sticky gear, yet again, produces the goods on Parco Del Brenta with a 38 fish haul falling to The Krill.

Chris Joly and his friend amassed a 38 fish haul, landing numerous 40s, several 50s and even a couple of 60s from the Italian super venue. He takes up the story:

“After almost a year in anticipation, the time had arrived to load the van and set off on what I hoped would be a trip of a lifetime to Italian super-water, Parco Del Brenta.

“My friend and I were lucky enough to secure what we felt would be two great swims which were pegs 7 and 9, opposite each other at the far end of the lake. Whilst our research suggested other pegs could potentially yield a higher number of fish, we found a lot of reports of both swims often giving up one or two of the lake’s bigger residents. With that in mind, a bait with a big fish rep was essential, so we looked no further than the Sticky Baits ‘The Krill’ range.

This isn’t the first, and we feel like it won’t be the last time we have a huge haul reported from Parco Del Brenta on The Krill.

“After a mammoth drive through France, Switzerland and northern Italy, we arrived at the lake on the Sunday morning (of course once the obligatory photo had been taken of the Parco Del Brenta sign at the entrance!). After speaking to numerous top anglers who had fished the venue prior, the plan was to go heavy on the bait from the outset and establish a large baited area between the two swims. However, upon reaching our chosen swims, it was obvious that there were a large number of fish held up in our large bay. The heavy baiting approach was soon put on the back burner and solid bags were deployed to where the fish were sending up large plumes of bubbles. It didn’t take long before one of my alarms burst into life and I was attached to my first Italian carp! After a slow plodding battle, a large framed mirror rolled over the net cord – pressure off! At 50lbs 13oz I could not believe my luck; my goal was to catch an Italian 50 pounder and it had happened on the very first bite!

“My solid bag tactic consisted of 2.3mm Bloodworm Pellets and the Krill Active Mix, which enclosed a short, subtle rig baited with a 12mm Signature Squid Wafter. Each bag was then injected with a syringe full of the Pure Hemp Oil, both to aid its attractiveness and minimise the chance of the bag dissolving prior to reaching the lakebed.

“Over the next 48 hours, I continued with the same tactic of deploying small pockets of bait out to where the fish were showing with continued success, cumulating in landing a new personal best 62lbs 9oz mirror. Blown away was an understatement!

“Following the elation of catching such an incredible fish, the action slowed down and it was apparent that a large bulk of the fish held up in front of us at the start had done the off. My friend and I got together and agreed it was time to put the heavy baiting plan into place. After finding a slightly raised area almost exactly half way in-between the two swims, we introduced a mix of halved and crumbed Krill, Krill Clusters, and plenty of the pellet that is supplied at Parco. Each bucket of the mix was given a litre of Cloudy Krill Liquid and a splash of Pure Hemp Oil.

“The baited area first started to show signs of activity a couple of hours after being introduced, with the occasional show, patches of fizzing and periods of oil slicks being thrown up to the surface. Just on nightfall, I received my first bite off the spot which turned out to be a 51lb common! From there on in, the mix continued to be introduced to the spot and the bites kept on coming! In total, we used over 100 kilos of the Krill and the same again in fishery pellet. The fish just couldn’t get enough of the bait! (My friend and I even caught the same fish twice in the space of 36 hours!)
Over the Thursday and Friday which followed, I banked several more fish including three more fish over 50lb, and a PB common of 60lbs 8oz.

Between my friend and I, we landed 38 carp which included twelve 40’s, seven 50’s and two over the magical 60 mark! What a place Parco Del Brenta is, and best of all, they LOVE the Krill!“