Although later to the party than the Krill boilies themselves, the Clusters are no less important! They are made from 100% pure krill, which is pressed into a soft, pellet like product during production. As a result, the finished Clusters are packed full of amino-rich proteins and omega-3 fatty acids, which both aid the growth of our quarry.

The uses of the Clusters are only limited by your imagination: spod them, bag them up or loose feed them on their own. They are highly versatile, packed with attraction and are bound to add an extra dimension to your angling. Their sticky nature means they can be moulded round leads or feeders with ease, and they can also be meshed up to be used as a devasting high attract hookbait themselves!

Clusters are not just devastating for carp either, tench and bream love them too, as do chub and barbel.

Due to the nature of this product it is supplied in 500g aluminium fresh sealed pouches to ensure our Krill Clusters stay in optimum condition.


“Krill Clusters are a great addition to any mix in the summertime, they are packed full of attraction and leak off a ridiculous amount of oil. If you have fish on you, then there will no doubt be a huge slick above your spot, they simply can’t get enough!”

  • Fishmeal

  • Active

  • High
    in Oil

  • PVA

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The Krill Freezer

The Krill Boilies are tailored to perfectly suit the carp’s dietary requirements leaving them actively hunting out the bait as an ideal food source.

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The Krill Pellets

Designed to complement the boilie range, The Krill Pellets undergo a two-staged coating process which ensures they constantly leak attraction.

The Krill Tuff Ones

The Krill Tuff Ones are designed to match your freebies perfectly but provide ample protection and ensure you are always fishing confidently.

The Krill Pink Ones

Produced in a stunning bespoke pink colour, the Krill Pink Ones are ideal for grabbing the carp’s attention without being too blatant!

The Krill Floater Hookers

These special floating hookbaits are primarily designed to be used with the Krill Floaters, however you could use them on their own too.