OCCUPATION: Papermaker

Daren ‘Tinpot’ Norman has been fishing for over 30 years, and grew up around the old Kent scene. Fishing on some of the toughest waters for the country’s most desired carp, Daren has caught some incredible fish.

Since leaving Kent in pursuit of monsters, he has caught fish to over 40lb from lakes such as Roach Pit, Wraysbury, and some other non-publicity venues.

He is a true big-fish man who just has the knack to get it right.

44lb 4oz

Black Spot – 58lb 8oz


Q. Favourite venue past and present?
A. Past: Wraysbury Present: 40 acre low stock Kent pit

Q. If you could catch one carp dead or alive what would it be?
A. The Black Mirror

Q. Off the shelf hookbait or homemade special?
A. Off the shelf hookbait with my own glug

Q. Big windswept pits or small intimate waters?
A. Big windswept pits all day long

Q. Spring or Autumn?
A. Spring

Q. Favourite Sticky Baits product?
A. The whole Krill range

Q. Pop-ups or bottom baits?
A. Neither – Wafter

Q. Favourite moon phase?
A. New Moon

Q. Three things you wouldn’t go fishing without?
A. Krill / Beer / Good Food

Q. As a younger angler who did you admire in the carp angling world and why?
A. Rod Hutchinson, Pete Springate and Rob Maylin. All pioneers who were exceptional anglers but knew how to have plenty of fun along the way.