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Adam Smith

UK PB COMMON: 43lb 8oz
UK PB MIRROR: 47lb 6oz

Fishing is Adam Smith’s passion, and not just carp fishing. He grew up on the southwest coast, so a lot of his fishing has been at sea. It wasn’t long before he got the carp bug though, and it has been his choice for many years now.

He is in a fortunate financial position to go fishing whenever he likes. He sacrifices other joys in life, but this is what he likes to do. Carp fishing is part of Adam, and he can’t be indoors for long because he gets itchy feet. His love is being outside and chasing big beautiful carp, and thats what really stokes his fire.

He has been fortunate to fish Linch Hill for a number of years, working his way round the complex and catching some magnificent carp along the way. Like all good things though, it must come to an end at some point, and he has new and exciting plans for the future.

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