OCCUPATION: Fisheries owner/manager

Rich Seeds has been fishing since a very young age, attending various fishing schools, and even went on to study fishery management at Sparsholt College.

His family owns a couple of fisheries, which means Rich spends his life in and around them. With a young family, Rich only gets to fish 24 hours a week, but he maximises his time and has caught a staggering number of carp to over 43lb.

He is great at getting bites from wherever he goes and knows how to use his time wisely.

PB Common: 42lb 6oz
PB Mirror: 49lb 5oz


Q. Favourite venue past and present?
A. Horseshoe Lake / Tippings Lake

Q. If you could catch one carp dead or alive what would it be?
A. Burghfield Common

Q. Off the shelf hookbait or homemade special?
A. Off the shelf hookbaits

Q. Big windswept pits or small intimate waters?
A. Big windswept waters

Q. Spring or Autumn?
A. Spring

Q. Favourite Sticky Baits product?
A. Manilla

Q. Pop-ups or bottom baits?
A. Pop-Ups

Q. Favourite moon phase?
A. Full / Waxing Gibbons

Q. Three things you wouldn’t go fishing without?
A. Coffee, Sunglasses & Lead Rod

Q. As a younger angler who did you admire in the carp angling world and why?
A. Chris Yates and Bob James, their series of ‘Passion for Angling’ was absolutely mesmerising and captivating, to me it really shows the beauty of angling!