29th September 2020

After returning from an enjoyable family holiday, Sam Verstreken takes advantage of some heavy baiting and reaps the rewards!

Heavy baiting can be a bit of a taboo subject, some people don’t agree with it, which is fair enough. However, on the right lake, at the right time, baiting with large quantities of bait can work wonders. Many anglers on the continent adopt this method, but Sam Verstreken took it one step further, as not only has be been baiting up heavily, but he has also been using it on a very tight area. The tight, heavy baiting tactic is clearly something that works well for Sam, as his latest sessions prove.

I’ve used the Krill Active for some time now, and I have to say I was feeling very confident of another bite.

Sam revealed:

“On my return to the lake, I decided to go with a tactic that had worked well for me on there before, baiting spots heavily and very tightly.

“On the first session after my return, I unfortunately lost one after a few hours of fishing and although I was gutted, I was also quite happy to know that they still were cleaning the baited spots. This wasn’t to be the only action, as just before first light I had another chance, the take was viscous, and I had to be really careful to keep it out of the snags.

“After a short intense battle, I managed to put my net under an incredibly long common.  On the scales the needle spun to a very pleasing, 41lb 7oz, I was really happy with that one and a lovely return to the lake!

“Although time was limited, I managed to squeeze in another night the week after. The tactics once again stayed the same, baiting heavily, and extremely accurate with the Krill Active, this was used whole and crushed in two sizes, along with 4mm Bloodworm Pellets.

“I’ve used the Krill Active for some time now, and I have to say I was feeling very confident of another bite. This feeling turned out to be correct as I banked a pristine 30lb 6oz common that night, followed by another perfect-looking 32lb 10oz common the next day.

“All my fish fell to a simple snowman presentation made from Thinking Anglers Tungskin and Curve Point hooks, hookbait choice was a Krill Tuff One, tipped with a cut down Signature Pop-Up.

“It was a nice way to end the short summer campaign on this lake, and it’s now time to move on to the big pit and hopefully have a successful autumn!”