A premium-quality, cold-pressed oil that’s extracted from high-grade hempseed on the very first filtration, producing what is undeniably one of the finest carp attractors of all time. The resulting thin oil has a distinctive nutty taste and aroma and will disperse well, even in quite cold water, giving it the edge over most other bulk food oils.

Our nutritious Hemp Oil can be used to glug boilies, pellets and hookbaits, toughening and preserving them, as well as elevating the attractiveness of the best baits around. As with all oils, Hemp Oil can be used in conjunction with PVA bag and stick mixes to help improve their pulling power.

Key Features
Premium quality and high-grade hempseed oil
Rich nutty taste profile
The perfect year-round energy source
Soaks into boilies, pellets, floaters and groundbaits


“I use Hemp Oil a lot when boilie fishing. It helps push smell and attractors up through the water column from within the baits. As an added bonus it helps me determine when fish are feeding on my spot via the tell tale flat spot it creates.”

  • PVA

  • High
    in Oil

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Manilla Active Mix

As the name suggests, Manilla Active Mix is a highly attractive groundbait which becomes incredibly active once submersed in water.

Manilla Freezer

The Manilla is the ultimate all year-round boilies; using not only nuts but refined milk proteins and bird-foods it is perfect for the Carp to feed on.

Bloodworm Pellets

Made famous by the revered Underwater DVDs, the Bloodworm Pellets are still just as effective today as they were all those years ago.

Liquid Foods L-ZERO-30-T

Due to the natural makeup of the L-Zero-30-T, it cannot be overdone in any application and can be used to add a different level of super soluble attraction.

Liquid Foods Pure Liver Hydro

Pure Calanus liquid Hydroslate is one of the most exciting steps forward in marine derived protein sources in many years.

Liquid Foods Pure Salmon Oil

Supplied from the freshest Scottish salmon, our Pure Salmon Oil is a proven fish attractor as well as an excellent energy source.