These bespoke mustard-toned hookbaits are designed to subtly stand out over your freebies. Equally, they can be used as a single hookbait when a super bright hookbait might be a little over the top.

They are completely needle friendly, even in the smaller 12mm size, which are ideal for subtle presentations such as Zigs or Snowmen. The larger, 16mm hookbaits, are more suited to Chod or Hinge rigs as well as the ever-popular Ronnie/Spinner rig.


“Whether fishing one as a hookbait over a baited area or simply launching a single to showing fish, each and every hookbait offers so much attraction the carp just cannot resist. Couple that with the deep yellow colour and Manilla Yellow Ones are 100% confidence in a pot.”

  • Nut Based

  • Washed

  • Needle

  • Super

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Manilla Freezer

Manilla Freezer is the ultimate all year-round boilie for carp to feed on; using not only nuts but refined milk proteins and bird-foods.

Manilla Pellets

Designed to complement the boilie range, Manilla Pellets undergo a two-staged coating process ensuring they are constantly leaking attraction.

Manilla Shelf Life

Our Manilla Shelf Life baits are as close to the freezer bait versions as possible, with the only difference being the addition of a natural preservative.

Manilla Active Freezer

Manilla Active Freezer is encapsulated in a rich paste layer, which breaks down upon contact with the water, and releases instant attraction.

Manilla Paste

Manilla Paste has a potent, nutty aroma and utilises only the finest ingredients, such as peanut protein and Madagascan vanilla extract.

Manilla Wafters

These round, 16mm Manilla Wafters sink slowly under the weight of your hook and can be customised with the Manilla Bait Spray and items in our Pure Naturals range.