The Bait Spray range has been designed as an alternative attractor to supplement the liquids already in each range. Although we swear by our Liquid Food and Glug ranges, they aren’t ideal for soaking hookbaits for prolonged periods of time, as their dense nature can dramatically affect the buoyancy of a pop-up or wafter and render your rig mechanics useless.

Bait Sprays are a much lighter alternative, that easily absorb into your chosen hookbait, yet still pack the same punch as their thicker counterparts – simply grab a tub of hookbaits and give them a couple of sprays to seriously boost their attraction!


“Bait Sprays can be used to boost the attraction of your hookbaits, they are so thin and soak in super quickly! I like to use them on my fake baits too, they are perfect for it. Rather than a flavourless hookbait I can use something with a bit of pulling power, even if crayfish are a problem, thanks to the Bait Sprays.”

  • Nut Based

  • Highly

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Manilla Dumbell Wafters

These Manilla Wafters are dumbell-shaped, sink slowly under the weight of your hook and are ideal for use alongside pellets.

Manilla Pop-Ups

Designed to replicate our outstanding Manilla boilies, these Manilla Pop-ups have been designed to be very user friendly and buoyant.

Manilla Wafters

These round, 16mm Manilla Wafters sink slowly under the weight of your hook and can be customised with the Manilla Bait Spray and items in our Pure Naturals range.

Manilla Hookbait Kit

The Manilla Hookbait Kit has been designed to bring back bait customisation and to help you make your own personalised bait, from bottom baits to cork-ball pop-ups.

Manilla Paste

Manilla Paste has a potent, nutty aroma and utilises only the finest ingredients, such as peanut protein and Madagascan vanilla extract.

Manilla Active Mix

As the name suggests, Manilla Active Mix is a highly attractive groundbait which becomes incredibly active once submersed in water.