Designed to complement the boilie range, Manilla Pellets undergo a two-stage coating process which ensures they are constantly leaking attraction into the water column. Utilising a significant amount of peanut protein, as well as high levels of soluble milk proteins the pellets release small particles up from the lakebed drawing fish in from above.

Use as part of a spod mix, or on their own, with no limit to their use. By using liquid attractants along with the pellets, you can use them with method feeders with ease. What fish could resist a bed of pellets pulsing out attraction?


“From using the 2.3mms for bag work, to the 4mms and 6mms in a spod mix, the Manilla Pellet range really is a fantastic year-round loose feed. They smell amazing straight out the bag and leak attraction for hours, all whilst breaking down and leaving a carpet of attraction in your peg.”

  • Nut Based

  • Active

Best time to use:

Available in:


Manilla Dumbell Wafters

These Manilla Wafters are dumbell-shaped, sink slowly under the weight of your hook and are ideal for use alongside pellets.

Manilla White Ones

As the name suggests, Manilla White Ones are striking white pop-ups that offer you a great visual edge when fished as a single or over large beds of bait.

Manilla Cloudy Liquid

Cloudy Manilla Liquid is a natural liquid which, once submersed in water, creates a cloud of attraction close to the lakebed.

Manilla Active Shelf Life

Manilla Active Shelf Life is cocooned in a paste layer which once submerged, breaks away, leaving a cloudy halo around each bait.

Manilla Active Pop-Ups

Manilla Active Pop-Ups feature a fluffy, light outer-coating, which when broken down, surrounds your hookbait in a halo of attraction.

Manilla Spod & Bag Mix

Manilla Spod and Bag Mix includes our incredible Manilla Pellets, along with milk proteins and peanut protein meal, plus plenty more.