27th April 2021

Jack Gabriel lands a 14-fish hit during a lake exclusive trip right here in the UK, topped by seven thirties and a forty!

Traveling is a rather challenging prospect currently and many anglers are disappointed with their lack of access to the often-prosperous grounds of France. Even though there seems to be light coming at the end of the tunnel, many anglers have switched their attentions to the plethora of options in the UK. With more and more fisheries offering full, lake exclusive bookings, with ridiculous stocks of carp in them, it’s no wonder anglers are more than happy to stay in the confines of the UK. Jack Gabriel was fortunate enough to enjoy a prolific session on his weeklong trip to Furzebray Island Lake, with an epic list of carp falling to his rods.

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Jack revealed:

“Four friends and I made the journey down to Furzebray for a lake exclusive session on the infamous big-carp water, Island Lake. To make things as fair as possible, we did a draw for swims, during which I came out second, which was a great result!

“I opted for a swim known as Jezzer’s, one I knew well from previous experience. Of course, choosing a swim I had fished before was ideal, I knew the spots and managed to keep the disturbance down to a minimum. This clearly worked a treat, as I was into a fish within three hours! Following a steady fight, I slipped my net under one of the more seldom seen residents in the form of the Tiger Fish at over 32lb. What a start!

“I went on to catch another two over 30lb that day, with another named fish in the form of Two Tone. My week was made in all honesty and I would have quite happily blanked for the rest of the session, but little did I know, it was going to continue!

“By the fourth day, I had landed 11-fish with the biggest going 36lb. I was on cloud nine and didn’t think it could get any better. Unfortunately, I actually lost two fish on the bounce after that which was frustrating. However, at 4pm my left hander signalled a very steady take and what followed was a typical, plodding, big-fish battle. My thoughts were confirmed when I netted one of the jewels of the lake, Blackspot at 44lb 6oz!

“I managed another couple of bites after the big girl, which capped off the best session I have had in a very long time! All my fish fell to the ever-faithful Manilla, which I trickled in steadily through the session. It was especially significant as everyone just had such a lovely time, it was absolutely needed after the terrible year we have had.