September is a fantastic month of the year; the water is lovely and warm, and the fish are highly active. Due to the buzz of activity and warm water temperature, rich liquids can be used freely within your mixes at this time of year. Not only do they add to the attraction of your baited area, but they also benefit the carp massively during this very important season.

We have selected a handful of seriously effective liquids for this time of year, which are all rich in nutrients and offer a huge package of attraction.


This is an already highly soluble liquid made from the finest human grade ingredients used in the cooking industry. It is a natural liquid made from fermented anchovy extract, salt and sugar which gives it a very pungent salty, fishy aroma that all fish love. Due to its thin consistency this liquid is perfect for soaking or glazing your boilies and pellets – plus adding it to any spod or bag mix will undoubtably draw more fish in at a quicker rate.


An all-time classic additive sourced from the purest Scottish salmon rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. Once consumed, salmon oil provides a huge amount of energy for carp and not only that, while they are eating your coated baits, a slick is produced right over your area. You are left in no doubt that fish are in your peg when using oils in your mix! Options for salmon oil are endless too, coat anything from Krill Floaters to pellets in a spod mix, it will serve you well wherever it is used.


Hemp oil is a superb additive, just like any other oil, it is high in energy, which obviously benefits the carp. Not only that but the nutty taste is hard for fish to resist once they have started eating it. Use as much or as little as you like, this natural product cannot be overdone.

Liquids which are all rich in nutrients and offer a huge package of attraction.


It is well known that carp love spices and there aren’t many products out there which have more of a kick to them than Cap-Oil. Thanks to a combination of cod liver oil and a fiery capsicum chilli extract, Cap-Oil offers superb levels of hot attraction and taste which carp love. Use liberally, but be sure to wash your hands after use, it is seriously potent!


The original L-Zero-30 was a heavily used and rather successful product, which is unfortunately no longer available. However, the closest match to it, is the L-Zero-30-T. Made from pure tuna flesh, this rich, thick liquid is best used in warm water throughout the summer and autumn. It has an intense taste, that carp find highly attractive. It can be used on its own or mixed with thinner oils and liquids to create a bait soak, which will penetrate to the core of your freebies or hookbaits.