This completely natural liquid is formed from fermented anchovies along with added salt and sugar, which produces a seriously pungent finished product.

Our version is human grade, taken from the Thai cooking industry, making it one of the best available. Uses for the Fish Sauce are endless, it makes a great addition to any particle mix, and can be added straight after cooking.

As it is such a thin liquid, it is extremely soluble, and so it disperses attraction extremely quickly when submersed in water. Its thin nature also lends it to soaking boilies, as the liquid will penetrate right to the core, giving off a slow release of pungent fishy attraction.

Key Features
Fermented anchovy extract with added salt and sugars
Powerful addition to particles during preparation
Perfect for glazing boilies and pellets
Human food grade
PVA Friendly


“A strong pungent liquid that can pull fish in from anywhere, a lot of my fishing revolves around fishing with solid PVA bags and filling the syringe up and injecting it into the bag before casting ensures I have maximum attraction contained within such a small parcel of food.”

  • PVA

  • Highly

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Join carp catching machine Tom Maker, as he reveals his top-tips on supercharging his bait with the newly released and super soluble Fish Sauce Bait Soak.