23rd June 2021

Chris Whitehorn aka Jester enjoys a great guest session on a friend’s syndicate, resulting in three mega-looking carp.

Most syndicates around the country operate a guest ticket policy, which gives friends of members a taste of what the syndicate has to offer, without having to shell out on a full ticket. Chris Whitehorn, known as Jester, experienced the perfect guest session recently, as he joined his friend on a local syndicate, which produced three lovely carp!

Once submerged in water, the coating starts to work its magic and breaks down into a halo of attraction around the ultra-tough hookbait at the core.

Jester said:

“We turned up at first light in a load of wind and rain but managed to find a good number of fish on the end of it. By the following morning nothing had occurred apart from a few liners, so at 10am, we reeled in and did a lap of the lake.

“It quickly became apparent where they were, with a good number of fish in calmer water off the back of the wind. We found fish along the snag line and also out in open water, with big sheets of fizzing, I didn’t need any encouragement to move. Quickly legging it back to the swim to pack down, we were back round the other side of the lake, where we had seen all of the activity, within 20 minutes.

“It was quite an awkward cast to the snag line where the fish were, so I jumped in the waders and got in the margin, stuck a storm pole in the lakebed as a casting point and flicked a bare lead as close to the snags as I dared. Luck was on my side and I managed to clip the very outer leaves of the tree on the water line first cast; perfect, that was the clip sorted for the rod to be flicked back out there with the rigs.

“I opted for D rigs fished snowman style, with 16mm salt cured Krill Active Tuff Ones and 12mm Pineapple & N‘Butyric pop-ups. It was then a simple case of wrapping the hook with two PVA foam nuggets and casting from my storm pole in the water, making sure I kept the rod at 90 degrees, so I hit the clip exactly the same spot, just clipping the leaves on the way in.

“Baiting wise it couldn’t have been simpler, I threw seven 20mm baits into the little cove in the tree-line. These had been soaking in a mixture of Calanus liquid, Liver Liquid and Fish Sauce. After a couple of days of soaking, I then coated them in fine Himalayan rock salt and Krill Powder to form a thick powdered coating.

“It didn’t take much more than an hour and I was away with the first fish, landing a lovely dark mirror with a mint over slung mouth. Repeating the same process as above, I managed a further two more fish including a bristling angry common who obligingly kept his dorsal up for the camera! It goes to show that a simple light baiting approach still has its place! Unfortunately, the session got cut short due to having to pack up in the early hours because my boys weren’t well… Dad life realities!”