15th December 2020

Scott Larman banks one of the largest carp in the world, in the form of the Immaculate Common from Gigantica!

For most anglers, personal bests don’t come along very often, which is what makes them so special. With fifty-pounders and even sixty-pounders quite common place in France, many UK anglers boast a substantial personal best already, but when you delve into even higher numbers, it can become almost impossible to better your own achievements!

Scott Larman was lucky enough to be faced with this rather unique situation, after he smashed his personal best with the unbelievable Immaculate Common from Gigantica in France. The fish, which weighed in at a staggering 96lb 8oz is one of the largest common carp in the world and is certainly going to be a hard one to better for Scott.

Born from the formulation of our original Active boilie, the Manilla Active incorporates the same state-of-the-art process as our Krill Active.

Scott told Sticky:

“I had been looking forward to my trip to Gigantica for quite some time, so as you can imagine when the time arrived to get sorted, I was buzzing.

“With the long journey out the way, it wasn’t long before I was chatting with the other three guys on the trip. After a while, we managed to decide and choose the swims we wanted, without having to do a draw.

“I chose a swim know as Bob’s Beach, which is known as a relatively short to medium range swim, which has got very good form for a winter bite and is a known area for the Immaculate Common. I decided to fish a raised area at 25.5 wraps, but I baited at 26-wraps, in my mind I was trying to create a situation where I was fishing on the very edge of the bait.

“As for the bait I used, I went for a mix of crushed, halved and whole 12mm Manilla Active boilies, which had been soaking in Cloudy Manilla Liquid, to this I also added hemp and maize. Hookbait wise, I opted for fake corn soaked in Manilla Glug.

“The first 48 hours were quiet, however I stuck to my guns and eventually a single beep on the alarm signalled the first bite! On picking up the rod I was met with a heavy weight which moved really slowly, a clear sign of a big fish.

“After a tense battle, I soon netted a truly enormous common, which I knew had to be a fish known as the Immaculate Common! With everything sorted, we put the fish up on the scales, and in utter disbelief it settled on 96lb 8oz! In total shock, we sorted the carp out, ensuring it was kept safe and got some great shots.

“Unfortunately, the fish never got back on my baited spot and it ended up being the only fish of the session. But to catch a 96-pounder, in December is truly mind-blowing and it certainly made my year!”