Made using a blend of liquid food products, peanut protein and of course Madagascan vanilla extract, this thick, sticky liquid really clings to the bait. Any hookbaits that are left to soak in Manilla Glug are given a real boost of attraction, which releases constantly over a prolonged period of time.

No synthetic chemicals or flavours are added, Manilla Glug is 100% natural and cannot be overused. Add freely to bottom baits or hookbaits to add a layer of super soluble attraction for carp to home in on.

Manilla Glug is designed to be used with the items in the Manilla range, however it can be added to any mix you wish for an added boost of attraction.


“Is there anything more attractive to carp in cold water? I’m not sure there is! This thick, attraction packed liquid is just simply brilliant as a glug, dip, or even heated up and injected into solid bags. I don’t leave home without it in the cold.”

  • PVA

  • Nut Based

  • Highly

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Manilla Tuff Ones

Manilla Tuff Ones are designed to match your freebies perfectly but provide ample protection and ensure you are always fishing confidently.

Manilla Dumbells

Designed to replicate our Manilla boilies, Manilla Dumbells are made using the same base-mix, only with added soluble attractors.

Manilla Pellets

Designed to complement the boilie range, Manilla Pellets undergo a two-staged coating process ensuring they are constantly leaking attraction.

Manilla Active Shelf Life

Manilla Active Shelf Life is cocooned in a paste layer which once submerged, breaks away, leaving a cloudy halo around each bait.

Manilla Active Pop-Ups

Manilla Active Pop-Ups feature a fluffy, light outer-coating, which when broken down, surrounds your hookbait in a halo of attraction.

Manilla Spod & Bag Mix

Manilla Spod and Bag Mix includes our incredible Manilla Pellets, along with milk proteins and peanut protein meal, plus plenty more.