30th May 2019

Ryan Richardson breaks his PB twice in one session with some cracking old gnarly Kingfisher carp!

The Bluebell complex near Peterborough is home to huge, cracking carp and other fish in all of its waters, but Ryan Richardson wasn’t expecting to break his PB twice in one session using The Krill!

Ryan has been targeting the Kingfisher Lake on the complex and managed to get himself a lovely old gnarly mirror of 34lb+ on the session leading up to this one, but he wasn’t expecting the events that unfolded on this session.

He baited with Krill Freezer baits soaked in Cloudy Krill Liquid and found success swapping between Krill Wafters and Krill White One Pop-Ups as hookbaits, mounted on blow-back rigs and stiff-hinge rigs.

He baited with Krill freezer baits soaked in Cloudy Krill liquid and found success swapping between Krill wafters and Krill White One pop-ups as hookbaits.

This is what Ryan had to say:

I arrived at the lake at 8am to find an extremely busy Kingfisher Lake, both the river bank and the point swims all occupied, leaving only a few swims free on the lock bank.
Grabbing my bucked out the van I went for a wander, and noticed a swim that I had recently stalked a 34 out the edge was free. 

Sitting on my bucket watching the water for any signs only took about 10 mins and I had already seen a couple show maybe 3 rod lengths out from the bank. After speed walking back to my van and loading the barrow up as quick as I could, I eventually got the gear in the swim and I found a couple spots. One to the left of the swim at 30 yards and one to the right just under 40 yards both on patchy areas. On these I spombed out about half a kg of Krill boilies over the top of each spot. 

It was getting on for 11am and I was shattered after getting up at 4am, so I had a lay down but as soon as my eyes closed one of my alarms started ripping off! Before I knew it, I was up to my chest in water after taking that one step too far, but a beastly mirror was laid in my net. I was lucky enough that a few of the members came around to give a helping hand with the photos of my new PB 38lb 12oz old warrior. 

After that everything went quiet and over the next 48 hours my swim seemed to be void of any fish but with the lake still being rammed, I couldn’t get in any better areas. So, I stuck it out and sat on my hands with the third night passing again with virtually no signs of any carp. Then out of nowhere at about 11am again the left hander rattled off but after a steady scrap unfortunately the hook pulled, and I was left gutted. 

After eventually pulling myself together I got the rods back out! The night passed again very quiet with no signs of any fish. It wasn’t until around 1pm in blazing hot sun that the rod in 14ft of water ramps off and after a hell of a fight in the deep margins a big golden common laid in my net! It turns out I’d got my first UK 40lber and PB again, a fish named Heart-Tail at 44lb! 

After I put her back, I packed up my gear and set off on the 150-mile journey home, with a big smile on my face.