24th November 2020

Fishing differently to other anglers produces an autumn cracker for Lee Wheeler.

There’s an old adage, often rejigged to relate to angling; if you fish the same as everyone else, you will catch the same as everyone else. If everyone is doing the same thing, not catching anything, then thinking outside the box can produce something out of nothing. Lee Wheeler adopted this tactic on his most recent visit to Nunnery D Lake, and as his session collided with a perfect moon phase, he was confident it would pay off!

Pellets are perfect for this time of the year as they continue to leak attraction for hours!

Lee revealed:

“The pit I’ve been fishing recently, Nunnery D Lake, has been nothing short of tricky of late. No one has been catching anything of note, despite the fact the fish have clearly grouped up in an obvious area, bites have been few and hard to come by.

“To my amazement, I arrived for my session and saw the very area in question was free, and with the carp still present I wasted no time in getting my gear into the swim.  Having known what a lot of the anglers have tried bait wise recently, I decided to do the complete opposite, hoping it would maybe trigger a response.

“The mix was made up of mainly crushed Manilla boilies with just a sprinkling of whole baits, alongside this I decided to use a combination of Bloodworm and Manilla pellets, hoping that the smaller baits and mixed breakdown times would trigger a response. With the bait prepared, I gave them a couple of kilos worth, and then positioned a rod either side of the bait. Simple bottom bait rigs armed with Manilla Wafters were my choice. I was buzzing and feeling really confident as I knew no one had tried the super small bait approach in this area.

“Just as the light was starting to fade, I saw a couple of shows right over the bait, it just looked so good for it.  However, the night was uneventful, but the morning brought with it the bite I was after and from a truly incredible carp, a big one too at 40lb 4oz. I was absolutely buzzing and really can’t wait to get back out.”