10th June 2019

Rob Briers has been at it again over on Christchurch, carrying on where he left off last time around on the in-form Oxford venue, but this time managing even more fish!

Earlier in the month Rob Briers enjoyed a successful trip down to Christchurch on the Linch Hill complex getting himself nine fish, but little did he know that this trip was going to be even more fruitful than the last, with him banking 12 fish this time round.

Sometimes, you just have to take advantage when a lake is giving up its jewels and drop everything to get back down, making the most of the spell.

Rob caught both off the surface and off the deck, using The Krill Floaters for his surface fishing, The Krill Freezer boilies with Bloodworm Pellets all soaked in Cloudy Krill Liquid on the deck, with his trusty Signature Squids over the top getting the bites.

Rob shed some light on his second trip:

After enjoying a successful trip down to Linch Hill earlier in the month I found it too hard to resist another trip before they spawn and, in hindsight I’m glad I did as it turned out to be really productive.

With the wind blowing North West for the majority of my stay I tried to get into the same area I was fishing last time I visited.

I managed 12 in the end, mostly off the surface with the biggest being Baby Poolies at 42lb 8oz and six other 30lb+ fish including a brace of mid 30 mirrors, one of them being a 35lb 12oz linear and the other being a 34lb 14oz fully scaled mirror.

The back-up fish included Baby Orange at 35lb 10oz, a 32lb 12oz mirror, a 31lb 10oz common and a 31lb 8oz mirror, which were all mega and caught off the bottom.