linch HILL dream come true

1st November 2019

Dan Coates continues his great run of form, with a dream session, landing two of Christchurch’s coveted 40-pounders.

Dan Coates is certainly catching a few of late, so it was no surprise, when on his return to the mighty Christchurch Lake on the Linch Hill complex, he topped a seven-fish catch with a 41lb 8oz mirror and The Box Common at 44lb 10oz. Over the last few months, Dan has shown just how successful you can be when you do your homework and put 100% effort in.

His latest catch was taken on Manilla wafter hookbaits fished over chopped freebies and tiger nuts soaked in Cloudy Manilla liquid.

He revealed:
“I arrived Linch Hill on Thursday evening and it was really busy, every swim bar the corner swim was taken, so I had to drop into peg 21. Upon arrival, I heard the fish out in the middle of the pond, so I knew this was the area I needed to get to over the following couple of days. Nothing happened in 21, but throughout the night the amount of activity I saw just confirmed that middle zone was going to be the one. Luckily, peg 4 was free the following day, so I dropped straight in behind him. This swim commands a perfect central area, so I was quick to get the kit round.

“Once set up, I had a lead about and found a lovely silty area in amongst some weed beds. I knew this would be perfect for the time of year, with the decline in natural food I was sure they would respond well to this area. I went in with three noodle rigs with Manilla Dumbell Wafters and all three rods tight together on the same zone. I baited with 10 midi spombs of my chosen mix and didn’t get the first bite until the next day.

“That day looked really bland and I thought the chance was over, when out of the blue, my middle rod ripped off and I had a lovely 29lb mirror. All the bites seemed to be coming in the day, so I knew over the next few days I needed to have the rods in at all times. Nothing else happened that day but I was still confident going into the next night. I topped up the zone with 8 spombs and got fresh rigs back to the same zone.

“The night was uneventful and the next day came around, I was up early watching the water and I had seen fizzing on the area every time the wind dropped. It got to 12 o’clock when I was just stood watching the water, when suddenly the left-hand rod was away. After a deep battle with the fish, it weeded me up and I was fearing the worst. However, due to having braided mainline everything started to pull through nicely and a giant weed bed moved towards me. I scooped everything up and thought nothing was there, when I spotted the tail of a carp! I began peeling the weed back and was amazed when I saw a huge common. I was sure this had to be one of the big commons and it was, it turned out to be The Box at 44lb 10oz. I slipped it in the retainer for a minute to sort everything out and the other rod on the spot was away! I played it in and it turned out to be a lovely 34lb 8oz half linear, I couldn’t believe I had two fish within 30 minutes. Once I was sorted I got all the rods back out followed with more bait and went on to have 4 more fish in the next 3 nights up to 41lb 8oz. What a dream session it turned out to be!”