3rd April 2019

Sandhurst produces 20-fish, topped by five thirties for local angler, Lance Barton.

Once I have added my initial hit of bait, I tend to introduce 2.3mm Bloodworm Pellets to it the baited area little and often through the session.

It may seem like only yesterday to some when Yateley was the beating heart of the UK carp fishing scene. However, despite the old originals passing to the big lake in the sky, some of the younger fish are starting to charge through the ranks and make headlines of their own.

By far, the most accessible lake in the famous Surrey area is the mighty Sandhurst Lake, which has been run as a day-ticket for a number of years. Thanks to its relatively shallow water and good stocking levels, Sandhurst has a reputation for being a prolific early Spring venue.

True to its past form, Lance Barton, 31, has enjoyed some fantastic success on the popular 14-acre day-ticket venue this season, racking up a tally of 20-fish in just two sessions throughout March. The Hertfordshire carper’s catch included an impressive five thirties, topped by a stunning 37lb 7oz mirror.

Speaking about his success, Lance revealed: “I have found that introducing a big hit of bait, namely Krill freezer baits washed out in Cloudy Krill Liquid and then dusted in Krill Powder and GLM to be the most successful method. Once I have added my initial hit of bait, which I sometimes add a small amount of 2.3mm Bloodworm Pellets to, I tend to introduce it little and often through the session to ensure there are always some fresh scents in the area. So far, most of my success has come to areas of gravel, just behind dense weed beds.”

Rig wise, Lance used a variety of different presentations, including an IQ D-Rig and Spinner Rig. All of his rigs were baited with either Krill Wafters or Krill White Ones and were fished Helicopter style incorporating the nifty Thinking Anglers C-Clips. This ensured he could drop his leads and avoid the savage weedbeds.