16th May 2019

Rob Briers takes advantage of Christchurch good form, with a nine fish haul.

Christchurch is a day ticket water based in Oxfordshire on the Linch Hill complex and has always been a firm favourite with anglers. Christchurch was once the home to the famous ‘Petals’ but now holds residents such as ‘The Ironing Board’, ‘Scar’ and some other mighty fine commons. Despite the popularity of Christchurch, it is by no means easy, so, anyone who manages to bank multiple fish must know what they are doing.

Christchurch Lake on the Linch Hill complex is without a doubt one of the best day ticket venues in the country.

Rob Briers is one of very few anglers to catch consistently on Christchurch, and true to form he managed a nine-fish catch during his annual spring visit. During his stay, the 22-year-old landed a few known fish, topped by four thirties; Little Pecs at 38lb 1oz, a 35lb 10oz common, a 34lb 2oz mirror and a 30lb 8oz mirror.  

Rob revealed: “After moving around for the first few nights, I settled into an area the fish were using heavily in the afternoons. Knowing that there was a fresh north easterly planned to blow straight down into the corner for the final three days of the trip, I was feeling confident. I managed nine-fish in the end, with the biggest being a mirror known as Little Pecs at 38lb 1oz, a lovely old carp”. 

Rob baited tightly over two different spots. One being a raised gravel area covered in fresh weed growth, and the other being at the bottom of the shelf down his right-hand margin. His mix consisted of mixed sized Krill Freezer baits, 4mm Bloodworm Pellets and tigers, all soaked in Cloudy Krill Liquid. He opted to fish 12mm Signature Squid Pop-Ups over the top on simple rigs.