1st January 2021

Gavin Campbell relays the story of an incredible session, which not only saw him land some lovely commons, but a few good perch as well!

Winter tickets are kicking in all over the country, and many anglers have already got their campaigns underway. Gavin Campbell is in the lucky position to not only have access to some lovely looking carp in his chosen venue, but some huge perch as well! With a four-rod rule in place, he managed to rack up a tally of both species on his most recent visit, including a new lake record!

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Gavin revealed:

“I arrived at the lake on Sunday, just before last light and quickly put my marker rod out to an area I knew about towards the far margin. With the marker in position, racing against the fading light, I needed to get around there quick and bait up whilst I could still see! Once there I spread around 3 kgs of Manilla Active 12mm’s all around the float and made my way back to the swim.

“The spot I was fishing is actually a 156-yard cast so you can imagine, it can be very tricky to get all three out. Over the bait, I presented 12mm yellow Manilla pop-ups on Multi rigs. Eventually everything was out and rocking, it was time to set up camp and settle in for the night.

“One thing worth mentioning is that this lake allows you to use four rods in the winter months and there is also a very good head of big perch to go for, so with three carp rods sorted, I set up a perch rod ready for the morning.

“The morning soon came around and I had a few small perch for my efforts. Then around lunchtime one of the carp rods was away, this ended up being a small common and as I was unhooking it, one of my other rods burst into life! With the small one quickly sorted, I was soon attached to another carp and after a lengthy battle at range, I netted a good common.

“If that wasn’t enough, my final rod melted off! This turned out to be another small common. What a start, all three rods away, one after another. The biggest common spun the scales round to 32lb 4oz, it was an amazing old carp with withered little fins and later I found out it was a new lake record too, happy days!

“The rest of the day ended up being quiet on the carp and perch front. However, I made sure to bait again just before it got dark, only this time I upped the quantity of bait slightly.

“As the morning broke, I was keen to get the perch rod out and this turned out to be a great idea, as I soon banked an absolutely amazing perch, a monster really and a new pb to boot. I was completely blown away with it.

“Soon after that, the carp moved onto me and things got a bit ridiculous, this all the rods at range doing bites! The action was thick and fast, and I ended up with another 30lb common, along with a few smaller ones. What a lovely session! I think I ended up having nine carp over the first 48-hours and they all had their amazing autumnal colours too.

“The final night passed very quiet on the carp front with a few small perch to pass the time. Then just before first light the middle rod pulled up and unbelievably it was another good common this time just short of 30lb mark. What a way to start the winter period; I can’t wait to get back there for another crack.”