17th April 2020

Darren Walklin continues telling us about his time over at Christchurch, putting his newfound love, The Krill, through its paces.

He continues his story below:
“With my first season on Christchurch going so well with The Krill, and seeing just how many wonderful carp there were, 2015 saw me yet again spending several three-night sessions spread over the year on its banks. It was the most difficult of the seasons I spent on the notorious venue. This was mainly due to how busy the place had got compared to the previous year, either that or it was just plain bad luck on my part.

“The first trip in May arrived and as usual I was met with a busy carpark, however there were a few swims left. I set off on a walk and found End Trees free, which was the swim I did my last trip in, the year before, and had a scraper 40lb common; that’ll do. Unfortunately, I hadn’t taken anything with me to claim the spot and by the time I got back the swim was gone! One thing with Christchurch is, if you snooze, you lose!

“I ended up in swim 4 on the opposite bank and pulled out the brew kit to sit in the swim for a while whilst watching carp one after another nut out over in the End Trees. I wasn’t impressed with myself for being so stupid but it wasn’t a mistake I made again!

“An hour or so later, on my third cuppa, I saw one stick its head out around 20 yards out from my swim and then five minutes later, a big old dog of a common carp popped up! Never having fished the swim before, I cut my lead clips off and tied up a chod with a Krill Pop-Up. Over a couple of minutes, I fired half a dozen 12 millers one at a time to try and semi spook the fish and then with a 1oz lead, I overcast the spot and skipped it in across the surface and into the rings of the last freebie.

“With the kettle back on and no sooner had I taken a sip; the rod was away with a typical stuttering chod take. After a rather unimpressive fight, she was in the net. I rolled her over and couldn’t believe what was looking back at me, a great big flank of a common, like a chest full of gold coins! It was Toe Jam, which looked very impressive at just under 45lb! The next two nights brought two more; a lovely little heavily scaled fish plus a near 30lb half-linear, all caught with good old spring tactics.

Amidst lockdown, we got back in touch with Darren Walklin, who told us about his new love for The Krill, and reflected back to his time on Christchurch Lake.

“Most of the year I struggled, mainly due to the number of anglers on there, many trips would see me get there after a 150mile trip to find no swims left and either losing a night or going over to Willow. You need a certain mind set to deal with it and one I wasn’t used to or liked, but I learnt that boxing clever was better than getting wound up.

“My last trip of the year was around the Halloween period and coincided with a social with a great bunch of mates who had exclusively booked the lake. The week before I had fished a couple of nights and despite blanking, had one of the A team fish nutting out over my bait both mornings and I was very surprised not to get a take to be honest.

“A few days later I was back on Christchurch, still using The Krill, I got up the day before the social for a night and was surprised that no one had gone into the swim since I left, I wasted no time in getting in there. My favourite mix of crushed Krill, hemp, crushed nuts plus a few whole 12 millers, all left to soak in fish liquids overnight was dispatched, followed by two rigs.

“The next morning came and at first light a big mirror stuck its head out over the bait, and I had that feeling of here we go again! I knew what fish it was, one I really wanted. By midday I thought the chance may have gone and usually by this time the rods would’ve been in, but it just wouldn’t stop raining! With my mates Rob Allen and Danny Trant, cowering under my brolly, the bobbin lifted a couple of inches and then dropped again, then lifted again.

Dan told me to hit it but I wasn’t sure if it was a liner, but after a couple more single bleeps I lifted into what was obviously a carp. About 15 yards out, she hit the surface and facing me straight on was Baby Poolies! Finally, after mugging me off for a few nights she had slipped up and with no dramas straight in the net she went.

At 43lb-plus, she was a wonderful last fish of the season, made even better by the social that followed with a bunch of great mates!”