14th December 2021

James Cox bags the famous Kiss Scale from Yateley Match Lake on his first session back in four years!

The famous Yateley complex of lakes isn’t somewhere you hear from as often these days, as opposed to the halcyon days of carp angling where it was the feature venue for every angling publication and news outlet. With the old stock depleting and a new line of fish waiting to take over the reins, it’s nice to see some of the ancient fish still swim in its waters and the Match Lake is one of the few lakes that still has a few original carp left. Top of the tree is a fish known as Kiss Scale, which is high on every member’s list, a fish which was recently ticked off James Cox’s hit list!

We kickstarted the bloodworm revolution with our Bloodworm Pellets and they remain one of the best products in the range to this very day. This is with good reason to; they are one of the most devastating feed baits available.

James revealed:

“After much thought, I decided to pull off my syndicate and head over to Yateley Match Lake where I had unfinished business, having spent a grilling season on there in 2017, I was keen to get back on and have a go for some of the forgotten gems that reside in there.

“I fished a swim which was away from all of the angling pressure but also covered a lot of water where no other angler could interrupt what I was doing. I felt confident, I saw fish in the zone and deployed two Noodle rigs armed with Manilla wafters over 3kg of Manilla Active and 2kg of Bloodworm pellets. As the session progressed, I knew something wasn’t quite right, the fish were no longer showing in the zone and the area became baron; I knew a move was on the cards.

“At around 11am on the second day, I decided to up sticks and go for a walk around the pond to see if I could see anything that tickled my fancy. As I turned up to the back bay there was swim available and around five other anglers all fishing the same zone. To my surprise, I noticed some fizzing at short range and a couple of sly head pokes, it was not ideal as there was a lot of angling pressure in the zone, but I couldn’t ignore it.

“I decided to set my traps and fish light, two Noodles and a couple of Spombs of Manilla Active mixed with Bloodworm pellet was all it took. Sure enough at 3am that morning, the left hand rod was in melted off and after a 20 minute battle, she finally gave in and rolled over the net! The queen of the pond, the famous Kiss Scale looking as mega as ever at a new PB weight of 47lb 12oz!”